The little toe

According to Facebook, the little toe was designed specifically to Geo-locate furniture in low light conditions.

I personally can attest to that fact.


Apparently, so can Cinderella.

It started with a limp. The kind that sends the fear of panic into us. Then, we noticed some swelling in the foot. We had a few run ins with spider bites, so we just assumed that we were dealing with another spider bite.

The toe   

Even with antibiotics, the swelling didn’t go down so we were off to the vet clinic, our home away from home.

A little touchy feelie by the vet and she was off for xrays.

Poor little pumpkin has broken her toe. There really isn’t much you can do with a broken toe and it is typical of a racing injury. We are guessing she probably did it while running around like a wild woman.


Never fear little one. We will get you back to as good as new.