Talley Sandhill Sara

Birthday August 4, 2001
Gotcha March 19, 2004


Sara was a little shy when we brought her home. Behind that shy little girl there was a princess. She carried herself like a princess, she behaved like a princess.

She is our princess with comic relief. We love our little Talley Ho.

The day Bentley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma we met a new vet at our clinic. She was so sweet and compassionate. Her name was Dr. Talley. Bentley was our first encounter with the evil cancer beast and somehow Dr. Talley’s compassion delivered the news as softly as possible.

We told her we’d name our next greyhound a after her.

When we picked up Joey, they also brought out a shy fawn girl, well they carried out a shy fawn girl. She was a master as a greyhound statue. Would we take another shy hound? The brown eyes melted right into us.

Talley was a total nutcase when it came to stuffies. We scoured the local Goodwills for stuffies and kept them stacked neatly in our bedroom. In the beginning, Talley stayed in our bedroom when we went to work. When we would return home, Talley would have all of the stuffies neatly piled around her nest.

It became a game for us, at night we’d neatly stack the stuffies, by day she’d gather them and place them in her nest.

It was the day she moved our mattress off of the box springs that we realized she was bored in our bedroom.

To this day, Talley still makes us laugh. She’s playful and loving and shy is no longer part of her vocabulary.

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