Oneco Oneco Reflex

Birthday March 19, 1994 to July 31, 2008
Gotcha April 17, 2004


She was 10 years old when we met her. She’s raised a couple of families and had just entered the adoption program.

Early on we earned the reputation for loving the seniors and the shy hounds. Oneco was special, everyone at the adoption kennel loved her.

From the day we met her, she was our little Oneco ala Bear. She was sweet and ever so quiet. She strolled about the house like she had always been here.

Oneco loved trees. When she was out on the acre she would trance in the trees for hours. She dug a hole underneath the cedar trees and would lay in there on the hot days.

She also took great pleasure in laying in the pools.

In the evenings, when we moved into the living room, she’d always join us. She’d look around the room to find an empty spot and if there wasn’t one, we would be prompted to move one of the other hounds. She knew she had seniority, she knew that if she paced back and forth enough, we would accommodate her.

Oneco was a true testament to adopting a senior and a broodie. We would take a million broodies just like her. She was so patient with the young bucks that came and went. She probably even taught them a thing or two before they went to their new homes.

Her body stayed strong all the way to the end at almost 14.5 years.

We were chosen to take Oneco. We were so lucky.

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