Jori  Itsa Bellringer

Birthday February 5, 2000
Gotcha June 23, 2002


Another shy dog, that Jori girl. Her name was Sandy when I brought her home to help build her confidence. She bonded with my oldest daughter Megan almost immediately. In reality, it was probably quicker than that.

We renamed Jori after I favorite body piercer, Jori Zan. Never fear, Jori Zan is probably one of the neatest people we know.

Somewhere, somehow my daughters learned this insane love for dogs. Hmmmm, wonder where they got that?

Jori was 18 months old when it was clear she wasn’t going to make it as a runner. She entered the adoption program at Multnomah Race Track. The adoption program run by the race track was stellar. Every dog that was born in Oregon or raced in Oregon went into the adoption program, no matter what.

When I brought her home, she became Megan’s lap dog. If I needed one or the other, they could be found on the couch.

Jori was one of our first universal blood donors. Usually by the age of nine, donors retire, and Jori gave a lot of blood before she retired. She’s a hero for sure.

She remains to be one of our sweeter, quieter hounds. Always content as long as she is at our feet, or tucked in bed beside us.



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