Joey Way to Go Joe

Birthday May 9, 2001
Gotcha February 23, 2004


Bentley had just been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, we were devastated. The best defense for our hearts was to adopt a special needs greyhound and the call went out.

Joey was a spook (grey speak for really, really shy). He was afraid of everything. People, especially strangers, terrified him. Just for the record, I really believe in my heart that he was shy because he was born that way, just like people.

So, two strangers picked him up, threw him in the cab of the truck and brought him to Greyhound Gardens. Blender turned around in about three months, Joey was a whole lot more petrified, I figured it would be several months, not years.

Trying to catch him on the acre was a nightmare. He’d stay outside for hours, never wanting to come within 20 feet of us. Sometimes nothing worked and that was a problem when we had to leave.

We put up a small outdoor dog run to use before work and at noon, the Joey kennel. Four year’s later Joey made his first move to come up and get his ears scratched. We waited a long time for that day, it was a wonderful moment. There were no loud hollers for joy though, it might have spooked Joey.

We quickly learned that Joey needed his space. He kept us in his sights, but he kept his distance. As he saw the other dogs around us, he got braver and came in closer. We let him call the shots and in the end, the rewards were ten-fold.

The worst experience we ever had was a trip to the the vet. He needed his rabies shot. He was so nervous that his temperature rose rapidly. When the tech took his temp, it was 107°, normal is around 101°. They immediately took him back and started to give him a cold bath. His temperature continued to rise and the vet gave him a slow injection of valium. Joey had a horrible reaction and panicked.

The solution for Joey became house calls. Yes, our vet comes to the house just for Joey. We love our vet.

He still has his shy moments, but mostly he nuzzles up and wants his ears scratched just like all of the the dogs. He’s a true testament to giving a shy dog a chance.

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