Blender  Fabled Blender

Birthday June 25, 1999
Gotcha March 22, 2002


Blender is a black hound of another color. Two greyhounds? Surely you jest. Picking out our first greyhound was a family affair. While I was bonding with the hounds in the kennel, my youngest daughter Holly had nearly crawled into a kennel with a very, very shy girl. Blender was frightened of her own shadow, but Holly saw beyond the fright and a special bond developed between the two girls.

We took Fonzi home that day, destined to be a one greyhound, two iggy family. A few weeks later, I got a call from the adoption group president asking if we would consider fostering the shy girl, just see if we could help her. A few weeks later Blender was delivered to our front door, frightened, but courageous enough to take the first step into our hearts.

Holly spent the next few months dedicating her time to Blender. She slept beside her safety kennel, she did her homework with her, she read to her, she watched TV with her. Blender got very used to her constant companionship in the bedroom.

I will never forget the night Holly decided to watch TV with us in the living room. Blender ever so quietly left the safety of her open doored kennel and peered around the opening to the living room and gave one very loud, demanding bark. It only took a few more times and Blender joined us in the living room.

Nine years later, she’s still a little shy around strangers, but in her home she’s definitely the boss.


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