Re-defining dull moment

Sage and Glory

It’s a known fact that neither Karen nor I have ever had a puppy. We have always loved our more “lifestyle” dogs. You know, the couch potatoes.

When we got the call that the little girl was available, fear penetrated my soul, but the call of the wild was stronger. We loved the idea of experiencing a puppy.

Glory and Zippy    

Zippy is an amazing baby sitter. He is so patient with them now. It took a couple of days of watching them closely, but he is so good at wearing them out just even a little bit.

Taunting Zip, just a little bit   

It’s true, Glory teases Zip almost unmercifully at times. See that couch? Before we knew we were going to have babies, we invested in a custom leather couch.

Resting zone, if only for a minute   

We try to keep it covered for mild protection. I’m not really sure how successful we are now that the puppies have arrived.

Sage, Glory and Zip   

The entire living room has been converted into a romper room as they play leap frog from cushion to cushion and take flying leaps onto and off of the couch.

A boost from Zip   

This is what much of our day looks like now. Always having adult dogs in the house is so different.

What are they doing?   

The two younguns’ squabble like this all of the time. And every thing they say about those baby teeth being sharp is so, so true.

As Sage hung off of the arm of the couch for the longest time, Zip and Glory got in a few licks of their own.

Glory and Zip   

Yes, this is our new life. Laughter and fun and giggles and not much quiet time.

When we grow up

Sage, Glory and Zippy

Ever so slowly we are letting the puppies play with the other dogs. Zippy is incredibly gentle with them, but I still remain the nervous nelly and probably overly cautious.

We took the puppies out for a few meet and greets today and they are amazing with people. So sweet and loving.

I find it hard to believe that they are going to be as big as Zip… soon.

We took them shopping for chew toys today. The pig ears were a huge hit.

The comfort of siblings

Slinky and Jillian   

I have always thought that having litter mates was magical. There is a special connection that litter mates have, unlike any other.

Jillian and Slinky have been together since the beginning. They raced together and in the racing kennel, they lived side by side. When it was time for them to be adopted, they came to us so that they would always and forever be together.

While we were on vacation, Slinky gave us quite a scare. Our vet tech raced up to the kennel and got her back to our vet. She’s fine now, but she really had a worried for awhile. The twins turned 13 in May.

Zippy and Timber   

Timber came to Oregon as a young pup and Zippy stayed in Florida. Months before their fourth birthday, Zippy came to Oregon. The two connected just like they had always been together and never apart. I was out in the back yard with them tonight and after a little wandering, this is where they landed. Side by side. Just like they had always been together.

Glory and Sage   

And now, Sage and Glory have joined the pack. Just barely five months old, the two babies are two peas in a pod. Completely inseparable.

I can’t wait to watch them grow.

What on earth have we been up to?

After the updates   

In February we thought we might like to sell the house and the acre. After looking around, we quickly realized that what we wanted just didn’t exist, so, we went to work updating our house.

For the longest time, I have been in love with crown molding. Keep in mind that neither of us our super handy, Karen more so than me.

For two months we were without window coverings. The big window is 10.5 feet wide. It was nearly impossible to find fabrics that were wide enough and worked in roller shades. The roller shades made the most sense so that we could roll them up and the doggies could see out the windows. We had the perfect fabric picked out only to find out a month later that it didn’t come wide enough. We called it our happy accident because we absolutely love our second choice.

The couch   

New sofa’s were in order and we both wanted leather. This one is a sofa sleeper the other had two recliners on each end. It seems odd to order two new sofas and then keep them covered with blankets all of the time.

And my office space   

And this is where I spend a good deal of my time at home. The love seat is a treasure we found at the Goodwill and the dogs love taking turns lying on it when I am working. Except for refacing the fireplace at a later date, the these two rooms are done. Finally. All dog friendly.

Karen, Timber and Zip   

I am also officially half way through a portrait class I’m taking. It consumes an amazing amount of time, but I love it.

And… yes, we are still preparing for Timber’s big surprise this year. Stay tuned.

Oh woe are we

Timber and Zip   

This is what I get when Karen travels for work.

They hate it. Life is boring.

Brotherly love

Timber and Zip   

Just wishing all of the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Doesn’t really matter if they have two feet or four paws, as long as there is love, there is a reason to celebrate.

Zip in black and white


I’m taking an eight-week portrait class. As part of the class, each week we study one photographer, study their lighting and then use that to inspire us to create a portrait.

Most of the work is with a human, but the way I see it, if it works for people, it’s probably even better for dogs.

I took both Zip and Timber out to the studio with me and quite honestly, I love the results. Like I told my instructor, the boys are beautiful dogs to begin with, but this lighting set up made them downright sexy.

Sunday night blues


I can’t believe the weekend is over. That has to be the fastest weekend ever.

It seems like we were on the run the entire time and now, it’s Sunday night.

Oh woe are we.

The view from my desk


When I sit at my desk I am always surrounded by the doggies. They contort themselves into the oddest positions.

This was last night.

Earlier this week when Karen was in Costco they had new cuddle beds. I suspect they were designed for a smaller dog, but what the heck.

If it gets Zippy closer to me, he can curl up with the best of them.


Celebrating Earth Day


The flowers are gone from the ancient plum tree and now it is creating the fruit that tastes so delightful.

We love our greyhound gardens.