It’s National Sibling Day!

Slinky, Skirvee and Jillian   

I have to give a great big shout-out to the garden siblings.

The original siblings were the triplets. Fortunately, we still have Slinky and Jillian, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about Skirvee and how much we miss him. He was such a great boy.

Timber and Zipper   

And another shout-out to Timber and Zippy, the newest sibling pair in the gardens. We are so, so glad to have them as part of our family.

Just a minute, Timber is whispering something in my ear.

Oh, the secret. A high five to Timber’s secret.

Tender tummy Timber


We had to be in Portland this morning to help out Megan. When we got home, Timber had been sick. Poor baby. He’s really feeling rotten tonight.

We walk the dogs every night and over at the high school on the weekends, the geese flock there and well, they leave their poop everywhere.

Sometime during evolution, goose poop became a delicacy. The sushi of canines. We try our best to keep his head held high but he is quick. He can see a goose poop from 100 yards out and trick us so that he can scoop it up faster than we can move.

We’re pretty certain goose poop isn’t on his limited ingredient diet and tonight, Timber is paying the piper.

Ear hairs


Zip was a show dog before he joined us hear at the gardens. He was neatly groomed and the wild and wooly hair around his ears was nonexistent.


Timber was a pet, he’d always been a pet when he came to us.

I had to laugh at the two photos I took last Sunday.

Zip would be a Wallstreet broker, all prim and proper.

Timber is an entrepreneur hippy.

Both successful, both loved. They just have a different take on life.

Reliving our vacation

Timber and Zip   

We’ve been back one week and it feels like our vacation was an eternity ago. I caught myself humming this evening “I need a vacation.” I think it’s gonna be a long year.

I finally got around to uploading our photos. As a small momento I ordered this as a 30 x 40″ canvas to hang over the fireplace.

Country roads, take me back.

And yes, the reveal is coming… soon. There is still a surprise waiting for the gardens.