A Love Story

Or, Talley the Tease

Hey, hey good lookin’! Whatcha got a  cookin’? How about cookin’ something up with me?
So tell me Miss Talley, just what did you have in mind?
A long stroll in the park? Drinks out of the same bowl? Tell me sweet one.
Whatever you want, hunky dawg.
Do you want to go running together? You can follow me.
Come on big fella. what are you waiting for? There’s a dog bone for us to share.
Oh please, come with me my sweet little rabbit chaser. I know just the place.
Ha, ha. This boy thinks he is gonna get lucky.
Let’s go Talley Ho!
Are you outta your mind? I’m NOT that kinda girl!
What did I do? I thought she liked me! I thought we were gonna have a date. 

You go girlfriend

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention 

of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body. 
But rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in hand, 
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 
‘WOO-HOO, what a ride!’

This has been around a while, but what better way to take each day.

The year of the ear

Standie-up ears

My personal favorites are the standie-up ears. Always at attention, standie-up ears get attention.

Talley never misses a trick, her standie-up radar dishes catch everything.

Skirvee is a total nutcase and his standie-up ears confirm it. He’s as fun-loving as he looks.

Pasha is a natural with his standie-up ears. He has such a distinguished look about him.

Crystal probably has the most versatile ears. Here she is sporting her alert standie-up ears, she had been watching the birds and was sure they were there for her entertainment.

Do not disturb

As I look around the room of wall to wall, floor to ceiling dog beds, I seriously have to wonder how they earned the nick-name

45 mile-per-hour couch potatoes?

Crystal and Adam






Pasha and Talley

Minnie and Crystal

Manic Mondays

A friend started Manic Mondays. A picture blog challenge. I wanna play too!

Here are this weeks rules:

First picture: Any picture of your choice taken between December 6th-9th

Dec. 9–Talley is resting peacefully on her cushion. Just what a greyhound does best.

Second picture: Any picture of your choice taken between December 10th-12th

Dec. 12–Roxy and Crystal waiting on the other side of the baby gate in anticipation of something good I’m sure.

Third picture: The 12th picture you took on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day, 2008–Crystal enjoying her after-dinner bone.

December 9

A flurry of activity happened after Joey came home. Talley was at the kennel at the same time and they looked at us and said “she really is a sweet girl, she’s just a little shy.” Ok,” we said, “we’ll meet her.” Yes siree, we shoulda just said load her up.

The next week-end an adoption event took place in town. Just thought we’d go say hi. There in the front was Buddy. He had just lost his home and was looking quite sad. “How about this one? He really isn’t happy in the kennel.” He was 70 lbs. of pure love and I knew in my heart he was all mine.

And then, our sweet little Oneco. We already knew what treasures senior dogs were. Another kennel favorite was on her way to become a garden hound.