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Pacific coast   

I already don’t like daylight savings time or whatever phase we are in. Leaving work in the dark at 5 pm was horrible.

I don’t think the dogs were crazy about their before dinner run in the dark and their after dinner run in the dark and wind and the rain is going to be even less popular.

Sunset bound

Pacific City, Oregon

On our way to the coast for the sunset. Wonder what Oregon has waiting for us tonight.

The life of a supermodel and his assistant


Two weeks ago we went out to the coast for the sunset. For a brief time, it was beautiful and the the light suddenly died. I was still having fun and decided it was time to experiment a little bit. Would it be possible to catch Timber running?

I had them run one way, and then I had them run the other.

That wasn’t enough, so I had them run back. Again and again and again.

This is what they looked like by the time I finally let them off of the hook. Not so much pep in their step. Who would have thought running in wet sand could be tiring?

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No, not the tree

Emma pointing to "the tree"

We’re very lucky, we have a fenced acre that has plenty of privacy provided by a ton of mature trees.

We back up to a wetlands that is surrounded by development. Except for the occasional ball that is tossed into our yard, our neighbors are great.

Most of the evergreens are cedar trees except for one ponderosa pine. It has always been a great source for hiding the only house that really showed up in the background.


Most of the time, I could position myself so that the white house was never there.


Once in awhile, the house was just there.

That tree provided a silhouette against the sunset on many occasions. By mid-July, the tree had died. It’s beautiful long green needles turned to rust. As a silhouette, they still looked great.

Sadly, this is what we came home to Saturday afternoon. The back yard looks really naked right now and my backdrop is gone.

One day at a time


Roxy had a good day today even though it was so beastly hot. She’ll be 15 on Saturday, Sept. 17. Every day is a gift. She has a fabulous appetite, yet she is getting so thin. The swimming lessons have helped her some, but her knees are growing weaker.

I remember when my girls were little, Carter’s clothes had this great tag line: “If they could just stay little ’til their Carter’s wear out.”

I think her Carter’s are starting to wear out.

Oregon by Greyhound • Sunset at the Coast

The Adventure Sunset on the Oregon Coast
Location LAT 44° 58′ 06″  N  LON  124° 01′ 01″ W 
Date April 18, 2009
Weather 48°, Clear
Distance 61.6  miles

I’m wearing a special sushi collar, must mean seafood for dinner tonight.
Well, I ended up staying in the car while the moms went to Kyllos. 
But look, maybe I get baby mermaid for dinner!
OK, the kid is cute, but I’m really here to see the sunset.
Holy crap! This gives a whole new meaning to a big back yard.
Tide is coming in, check out those waves.
I see something down there.

A playful moment.
900 pics later and the sun is almost down.