December 13

First came Fonzi’s adoption, then came volunteering and then fostering. After having from 50 to 60 greyhounds through our home, I realized that these dogs were very special. Maybe racing wasn’t so bad.

We went in search of our racer and Flocko was our boy.

On our first visit to the greyhound farm, adorable puppies surrounded us. But one, captured my attention. A blue and white three month bundle of energy was playing in the field.

Minnie became our second racer.

December 12

Gracie joined us after having a few house-breaking issues. We brought her home and were quite surprised when on the ride home she pee’d in the backseat. We never had another problem after that, she was the perfect dog.

December 10

Danny came over to spend a month or so for a little socializing, housebreaking issues and some fun on the acre. We became attached at the hips and he never left.

December 9

A flurry of activity happened after Joey came home. Talley was at the kennel at the same time and they looked at us and said “she really is a sweet girl, she’s just a little shy.” Ok,” we said, “we’ll meet her.” Yes siree, we shoulda just said load her up.

The next week-end an adoption event took place in town. Just thought we’d go say hi. There in the front was Buddy. He had just lost his home and was looking quite sad. “How about this one? He really isn’t happy in the kennel.” He was 70 lbs. of pure love and I knew in my heart he was all mine.

And then, our sweet little Oneco. We already knew what treasures senior dogs were. Another kennel favorite was on her way to become a garden hound.

December 8

Joey came into our lives just after Bentley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We knew that our time was limited with Bentley and we wanted a special needs dog, not to replace Bentley, but to honor his memory the best way we knew how.

Joey was known as a “spook.” Completely frightened by everything. He had tried another family, and it didn’t work out. Joey is a very happy boy, and although it hasn’t happened overnight, he has blossomed as a garden hound.

December 7

We wanted a greyhound puppy and Skirvee came into our world as a five month old puppy. We thought he would be small and cute, he entered our world almost 50 lbs., but was still as cute as could be.

December 6

Edie had lost her home of a few years and found her home in Karen’s heart. She hated riding in the car but loved snuggling on the couch.

December 5

Phoebe was our introduction to the world of seniors. 11 years old and Phoebe was found wandering on a country road.
When presented with her leash, Karen never batted an eye about bring Phoebe into her world. Phoebe provided us with hours  and hours of clever antics. She proved that being a senior meant nothing more a bigger number for her age.

December 4


Murphy and Bentley are really responsible for Greyhound Gardens.
They were bounced from their previous home and I was looking for a home for them. Karen had an acre and I knew she would be perfect for the two boys. 
The rest is history.

December 3

Next came Clancy. He came as a foster and stayed forever. Also very shy in the beginning, he enjoys his days stretched out on a cushion in the middle of the floor.