December 23

It was time to go off to school and Cinderella wanted nothing to do with it.

I found myself crawling through a blackberry bush tunnel to catch her. Karen took one look and said, she’ll be a garden hound.

Off to the races she went, but she really was only interested in playing and charming the socks off of everyone who stopped by to greet her. She retired and Karen flew down to sunny Florida to play in the kennels and bring her back to the frozen tundra of Oregon.

Welcome home Miss Cinderella.

December 22

It was a phone call. We’re moving to California and we don’t think our 12.5 year old greyhound is strong enough to make the move. If we can’t find a home for him…

‘Nuff said, Pasha came to the gardens and he is such a delight. We really were the lucky ones to have him adopt us. He’s not an old man, he just got a new lease on life.

She’s back! Crystal started out in the gardens as a foster in 2004. When she was listed on Craigslist looking for a home, we stopped at nothing until we got her back. She’s our 47 lb. bundle of joy.

December 21

Lucee the Basset Hound was here before all of the greyhounds. Slow and steady she has accepted all of the greyhounds that have invaded her world.

I always tease that Emma and Lucee are the anti-greys. But really, they were here first. We have come into their world. Emma the Weimaraner has more energy than all of the greyhounds put together. She and Lucee are polar opposites.

December 20

It is not a secret. I have a huge physical attraction to white and black greyhounds. I remember the day Mickey was born. He was going to be ours. Mickey was our third racer, but he wanted nothing to do with it. Shortly after he started his racing career, he retired. Karen flew to Florida for her first time at the racing kennel to bring him home.

On one of my trips down to the kennel, I met Moose. He is just a very cool dog. I knew immediately that he was a Greyhound Garden hound and that he was coming home. He came home with Mickey. The two are best friends and are known as the “Fly Boys.:”

December 19

I was in Florida at the race kennel to bring Minnie home when I met Flo. She had broken her leg in a race. She was such a little trooper and so adorable. Minnie and I got home, but I never stopped thinking about Flo.

When I went down to bring Flocko home, Flo came home too.

December 18

Another call came. A ten year old girl was being bounced through no fault of her own. Sadly, Gracie had just been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and we didn’t feel we could take another greyhound.

We lost Gracie a few weeks later. In Gracie’s honor I called to see if Cleo still needed a home and sure enough, she was waiting. She came as an only child and soon adapted to a big family. She was a true delight.

Barbie was another one of the Humane Society calls. Her family had left her off to be put-to-sleep. She was way to wonderful for that, even at ten years old, so home she came.

December 17

Shortly after we lost Phoebe and Edie, Roxy came into the adoption kennel. She was senior brood mom.

Karen opened her kennel door and Roxy buried her head in her chest. She was coming home with us.

December 15

A call from the Humane Society came on a Monday afternoon. A boy was brought in after his owner was sent to jail and the owner didn’t come back to retrieve him after he was released.

Adam came home and he’s still with us. He’s probably one of the happiest boys I know.

Duncan was returned because he could be a little grumpy. He started out at the gardens as a foster, never gave us a minute of trouble and ended up staying as a Greyhound Garden hound.

December 16

Next to seniors, I love the shy dogs. Jori was one of those. She came home as one of the very first foster dogs. Her big brown eyes and gentle nature quickly won the heart of my oldest daughter.

Jori stayed.

December 14

Rumors quickly spread that a wonderful senior boy had arrived at the kennel. A few months later, we got a call, would we take Picker. Two heartbeats later we loaded him up and brought him home.

Seniors have always had a special place in our hearts. Picker quickly moved in and took over.