I missed it

Slinky and Jillian   

All last week I pined for Skirvee. The triplets 12th birthday was Saturday and mourned for him knowing that he did not make it to 12.

And then Saturday came and we were a bit occupied. I forgot the twins happy birthday.

Jillian and Slinky   

I’m so sorry girls. We love you.

Happy 12th birthday to the twins.

Another game of Name that Twin

Twin 1   

I can’t believe that our week-end is over. It was better than awesome.

I want to put up some new photos in my office, so one by one we took each dog out to the studio for a little portrait session. They all did so well.

When the New Year rolled in, I told Karen I want to make it a point to get the dogs out every month for photos. Losing seven last year was devastating and it just goes to prove they won’t be with us forever.

Twin 2   

Yup, they all rocked the camera today.

Double the fun

Jillian and Slinky   

We’ve entered the melting phase of our once every five years snow storm. I miss the big, fluffy snowflakes. I’m sure that if we saw them all of the time, I wouldn’t be quite so enchanted.

Jillian and Slinky were so much fun out in the snow. They did everything together. I wish their brother Skirvee were still here to enjoy it with them.

Slinky and Jillian  

Another painful week in the gardens


It was another not-so-great week here at greyhound gardens. Slinky had a swelling in her jaw that we recognized immediately. She had an abscessed tooth that had to go.

Soupie poopies have haunted us all week.

But the news that has brought us all down, especially my youngest daughter, was saying good-bye to Blender. I just haven’t been able to put her loss into words yet.

Changing of the guards


Skirvee was always our goofy greyhound. He knew how to make me laugh.  And today, an unexpected smile crossed my face.

Skirvee always took great pleasure in nosing his way in between our legs. Most of the time he would catch me off guard, come in from behind and throw me off balance because I would instantly become high-centered, he was just tall enough to do that. He loved getting his scratches that way and he did it often.

We really don’t have any other greyhounds that do that. Until today.


I was running the dogs for their noon time run and giving them loves as they came in when all of a sudden a greyhound appeared between my legs. I was shocked. But what surprised me even more was that it was Jillian, Skirvee’s litter mate. She has never offered to do anything like that, she is more of a side swiper kinda girl. And even more, she stayed while I scratched her ears.

An animal communicator once told me to watch for signs of things that only Talley did after we lost her. We would know that she had come back home.

At that very instant when Jillian came up between my legs, I knew that Skirvee was back home, safe and sound.

Just checkin’


I took Slinky in for her first check-up since they released her on Tuesday. To say the least, she looks fabulous. (the photo above is not current). She still looks a bit like franken-hound, but everything is healing so nicely.

The last words out of her doctor’s mouth Saturday night before she closed her up was that she would most likely have to have a second surgery. The brilliant and amazing doc saw her today and she’s thinking that Slinky might not have to have any more surgery’s. We sure are hoping that is the case. On Sunday her face and neck were so swollen, she looked like she had the mumps. By Tuesday the swelling had gone down, but her face still looked more like a doberman than a greyhound. Tonight, she looks like a greyhound.


I’ve been taking Flocko in every day to get his dressing changed and so that they can look at his incision site. I haven’t seen it yet, but the doc thought he was looking pretty good too. He actually jumped into the car today even though he doesn’t want to walk very much on the leg.

Yup, it won’t belong and our boy will be jumping and running after toys again.


Room for one more?

Slinky, Flo and Jillian

All I can say is, stay tuned.

PS, we were out at the shelter this weekend taking photographs of the adoptable dogs. I asked if they had maybe picked up the little red dog I saw earlier. They had. He has a dislocated hip, probably hit by a car. I hope he reconnects with his family, but I feel so much better knowing that he is off of the streets.

As for the bunny, he is still happily munching on apples and grass in the front yard.

One of those days


So, it goes like this. The little bunny that has been in our yard, is still here. He’s quite happy munching down on the apples, ears of corn… just about anything we want to send his way.

We contacted the local rabbit rescue and they have room for him. Sunday night we set out a “have a heart” trap and the little bugger is avoiding it like the plague.

Today, the volunteers at the rabbit rescue came out to see if they could catch him, but he’s not having any of the that.

I really enjoy the little guy, but I worry about him. We live on a mildly busy street, but most importantly, we have greyhounds. Several of them, even in their teens would think it was yah hah time if he ever got back to where they are at.

When I came home at noon to let the dogs out, I heard them barking at the fence. I thought it was probably a rabbit, but when I went to check on them it was actually a very beautiful red boxer/pittie dog in the neighbors yard next door. When he saw me in our backyard he promptly exited the yard. I went out front to see if I could find him, but he had disappeared.

When I drove home from work I could see him in the field next to the high school. I ran in, grabbed some treats and a leash and headed over to the field. Karen went ahead of me because she just has this way with dogs, but as soon as he saw us coming he got up to leave. He’s holding up one of his hind legs, so he’s been hurt.

I’ve posted in the lost and found pets of Salem, looked on Craigslist and found nothing.

I feel so bad, so helpless. 🙁

Vacation chaos

Skirvee, Flo, Slinky   

I keep telling myself this is just the storm before the calm, but holy smokes. At least once on I am on the plane Saturday night, there is nothing I can do about the undone.