Open season

Jillian has reached her full comfort potential now. She’s claimed open season on anything not bolted down.

Judging by the tail action, I think they have both settled in quite nicely.

Jillian is without a doubt the party girl. She’s the one that will be sneaking out of the house after dark, coming home after curfew, and hiding all of the other dogs toys. I can tell.

And she has the look, the look of mischief.

During a hot flash attack I had taken off my hoodie. It instantly became a toy.

When I questioned Miss Jillibean about said actions, she yawned oh so innocently.

And the whole time, Miss Slinky, the good sister just observed.

The twins and the toy

“Oh boy, oh boy, is that for us?”

A beautiful sunny day and we took the twins out in the back yard to play with a toy.

Thinking that since they do nearly everything together, they would play with a toy together.

Sure. What on earth was I thinking? I had two daughters, even in the best of times, they don’t share.

For awhile I had a glimpse of hope that we would have a tug-o-war game.

But Jillian got the toy away, and it wasn’t long before we realized how much she didn’t want to share.

Slinky moved in, and Jillian assured her in no uncertain terms that sharing wasn’t going to happen.

It was mostly just a mouthy threat from Jillian.

But Slinky was crushed. We brought out a second toy, but it just wasn’t the same.

What was most interesting is that after Slinky walked away, Jillian seemed to miss her and dropped her toy to join Slinky at the local watering hole, just to make sure everything was ok.

After the “I’m sorry I yelled at you, sis”, Jillian was back to her prize of the day.

Twins go to the tulip fields

The girls were definitely up for their first adventure, they immediately headed off for the fields.

Of course, the two gorgeous girls drew plenty of attention from the other tulip visitors. But Slinky only had eyes for the little girls.

Together, the girls checked out the surroundings.

And together they walked up and down the rows and rows of tulips.

Stopping occasionally for the their new admirers to scratch their ears.

Ms. Slinky sporting her Slinky-dink pink collar.

And Ms. Jillian sporting her Jilly-bean green collar.

The tulip fields were a greyt adventure for the girls.

The twins take their maiden adventure

The twins took their maiden adventure last week-end. ‘Twas a beautiful day and Jillian surprised us quite a bit by not being the cooperative little car rider we had hoped for. We made the trip and she made the trip and we’ll try for another adventure on another day, but holy smokes that girl can wail.

We took the girls out to the tulip fields and they were stunning (both the tulips and the girls).

I’ll be posting more pictures from our trip, but here is a tease.

Poor Skirvee

Skirvee was so looking forward to his sisters coming to live with him.

He just knew that they would want to run and play with him in his big back yard.

But so far, they just ignore him, leaving him alone to wander around.

And they go off and do everything with each other.

Houston, the eagle has landed

Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky have settled in, just like they have always been here. They are a bit bossy with the boys, but the boys probably need it.

Jillian has been settled since her first day. She loved the tall grasses and the soft cushions.

Slinky took a day or two longer. She’s now sleeping through the night, her little poopies are back to normal, she’s got yoda ears quite often and tonight, drum roll please…

She ate kibble!

She’s even accepted us as her momma’s.

And, I still can’t tell them apart, but they have their own velvet collars and no longer wear their kennel collars as name tags.

Jillian wears Jilly bean green and Slinky wears Slinky dink pink. I can officially tell them apart when they are out on the acre.

Nose to the ground

Monday morning. I’ve got my nose to the ground and I’m totally prepared for yet another brutal week at work.

On a side note. Miss Slinky has generously allowed us to add another food to her repertoire of freshly cooked chicken and chicken gizzards.

Yes, cottage cheese in a ceramic bowl was acceptable tonight. Seriously, she’s doing awesome, she just knows how to make us dance.

Just Hangin’

As promised the weather was, well crappy today. Long runs weren’t an option unless the dogs were willing to have a shower and blown dry at the same time.

All in all, Flocko was quite happy to see me home for the third day this week. (Me too Flocko).

Minnie spent a good part of the day staring at the door. As if that was going to change’s mind.

Slinky is settling in better and better everyday. She likes her freshly cooked chicken or pork hand fed to her. I made the mistake of adding a tiche of kibble in hopes that she would add something to her whole meat diet.

Big mistake, she promptly turned her nose up at the food and wouldn’t even pick the meat out of it. Oh, and she doesn’t want to be served out of a stainless steel bowl either, she prefers a plate.

Jillian has taken to home life like she has always been here. She follows me around and doesn’t like being on the other side of the baby gate. She’s quite jealous of Slinky and all of her freshly cooked meat. She’s eating kibble.

And Danny Bleu neither cares about the weather or the twins. As long as he is in the same room with his momma, his world is rockin’. So Danny just spent the day hanging out.

As the tail wags

Miss Slinky just isn’t eating as I would like her too, so I took a semi-maternity leave today and worked from home.

I was slaving away at the computer when it got a little quiet and I thought I had better check on the girls.

They found cushions side-by-side to snuggle in on.

As soon as I sat down to grab a few pictures, they were up, but quickly got bored with me and headed back to the cushion.

Sometimes the cushions get double-stacked, are extra soft and become the most coveted cushions in the house.

They both wanted the double.

Jillian was the fastest and Slinky wanted it the most.

“Oh please Jillian,” she asked so nicely.

But Jillian didn’t move. Slinky attempted to make her her cushion softer by fluffing it.

After she laid down, she realized she wasn’t successful and continued to fluff her bed.

Jillian was not amused by her fluffing, and I think she gloated a bit because she had the double.

And then, turned a blind eye to her sister as if to say “I can’t hear you Slinky.”

Tired of Slinky’s huffing and puffing, Jillian moved.

Exhausted from all of her work, Slinky barely made it over to the double cushion.

And in the end, Slinky knew she had out foxed her sister Jillian.

The end.

Maternity Leave

I took today off for maternity leave. Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky needed a day to make themselves comfortable.

So together they explored their new home, with Talley as an official supervisor.

They quickly found the water bowls and the window. They sniffed around a bit and then…

It was time for a happy nappy. Miss Slinky found a soft cushion in the middle of the floor that was just right for her.

And very close by Miss Jillian crawled into an open kennel. When I returned to my computer, they followed me, saw where I was going and went back into the other room to lay down.

Before I knew it, they were both laying down on cushions in the living room.

Miss Jillian, the party girl played it up big time for the camera.

But Miss Slinky just wanted to be comfortable.

What is like to bring two new girls home you ask? No different than having four or twenty greyhounds in the house. They pull up a cushion, stretch out and don’t move.

Welcome home Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky!

Note: They still have their kennel collars on with their names in big, bold print. Yes, that means I still can’t tell them apart on the fly.