I had a dream

Working on the garage

As you know, very slowly I have been working towards a pet photography business. Somedays, the other 40 hours per week totally gets in my way. Our place is perfect to host a small studio. We have a large two-car garage and a very safe fenced acre. Karen and I have talked on more that one occasion that we ought to convert the garage to a studio. Unfortunately, the garage for years and years and years has become a catch-all and every time we looked in there, it was almost too overwhelming to tackle.

Friday night I had a dream. There in the middle of the garage sat my antique settee against a backdrop.

My mom always told me that if you tell a dream before breakfast it will come true, so before the first sip of coffee Saturday morning, I told Karen my dream.

This morning, we tackled the garage. I wish I had taken before pictures, but this is what it looked like in my dream. We still have a lot of work to do, most of it by someone who really knows what they are doing, but we started.

The white greyhound statue in the corner, I have finally named, KNT DREAMCOMETRU and we call her Dreamy.


After we finished this afternoon, I set up and we brought a couple of the dogs out for a test run.

They gave us a two-ears up seal of approval.

Treat me

Crystal and Skirvee

I’d love to tell you a story, but Minnie just got called into the E-vets to donate blood.

Off to work.

They see us coming


I’m sure that Costco has us plugged into dog central. “Family suckers for new and different dog beds” is the comment on our profile.

So last week when we made our way into Costco, sure enough, there was a pile of new dog beds. We’ve seen beds like these, but they were always more whippet size. This time, they were bigger. Maybe even big enough for a greyhound. So of course we bought one. Just one. We’ve brought home beds before that the dogs immediately eliminated as a favorite. Our dogs are so funny.

We called these their bucket beds and sure enough, they loved it. All week they have taken turns laying in the new bucket. It had a removable cushion for extra padding on the bottom. We would walk into the room and the lucky dog that had the bed almost always removed the extra cushion.

Today we picked up two more. My desk sits out in the middle of everything and is L shaped. We put the two new beds under each part of my desk, the dogs are going nuts. They always lay at my feet as I work.


Skirvee is our tallest and biggest grey. Even he can curl up into a ball to fit.

Yes, our dogs crack us up.

Just for you dear doggies


It’s no secret, I love making a cycle through the secondhand stores. It’s like a treasure hunt. Somedays we get extremely lucky, other days we go home empty-handed and we always have fun.

I try not to go scouting in with any preconceived ideas, but today I wanted a gilded frame.

We’ve found some cool props for the dogs, outfitted our bodies with clothes that don’t matter if they get filled with paw prints and dog hair and today, we found the ultimate, most fabulous white leather love seat.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Big enough to hold the biggest of dogs, and perfect for a whole litter of little babies. And, it is in mint condition.

The original Goodwill price was $79.99 and it had dropped in price $10 so that the price this afternoon was $39.99.

Of course, we needed another expense like we needed a hole in our heads, but this was so perfect. So I planted my butt on it until the clerk came by to mark it sold.


As we skipped up to the front counter with our receipt for the love seat in one hand and the gilded frame in the other, it dawned on me that just last week my Goodwill spending had racked up a $10 credit bringing our new beloved treasure down to $29.99.

Each of the dogs have ever so carefully bunched up the cover I threw over it to protect it from the evil muddy paw prints. They’ve all tried it out, even the dogs that don’t normally get on the couch, and have given it four paws up.


Say ahhhhhhh


Is Skirvee just bored? Does he want me to see his tonsils? Is he sticking his tongue out at me and giving me a ‘rude? Or is he trying catch those pesky mosquitoes?

Once again my days are filled with so many questions, so few answers.

Happy birthday to the triplets

Slinky, Skirvee, Jillian

Bad mommy. Bad, bad mommy. While we were enjoying our delightful vacation, the triplets turned 11 on May 17.

Just for the record, I forgot all of the other birthdays too. Bad mommy.

Are you guys telling me something?


Seriously, I don’t think kibble for modeling fees is unreasonable.


You look like this is torture, not like I am lavishing treats on you.


Is this really how you want the world to see greyhounds? Just a bunch of couch potatoes?


Herding cats


When I looked at April’s calendar for birthdays, I sadly realized that there were four birthdays and not one of the dogs are with us anymore. They are all celebrating at the bridge.

May on the other hand, is party central in the gardens. It’s just one celebration after another so I figured I could get a step or two ahead on the birthday photos. I’m desperate to get a picture of the triplets together.


This is not a task for the faint of heart. Short of dangling a squirrel over their heads I’m not sure I will ever get the three of them together in the same frame.


Of course triple cooperation is probably a very tall order. Just exactly what am I thinking?

Slinky, Skirvee and Jillian

It didn’t take me long to figure out that trying to get a photo of the triplets together was like herding cats.

Timmmmm berrrrrrrrr


Saying that we had a little wind on Monday would be a complete understatement.

Over the week-end I had to do a rather hefty project for work. It was one of those large documents with a rapid turn around. I admit, I bitched and moaned and figured that if I didn’t get it done, I would work from home Monday until I finished it. On Sunday I really dug in hardly moving from the computer and in the evening I finished.

While we had our coffee Monday morning the wind was just beginning to pick up. Our property is lined with these giant cedar trees and I just brought up the possibility of a tree blowing over.

When I came home for lunch to let the dogs out, this tree was right where I park my car.

Those branches would have been supported by the roof of my car if I had worked at home. Our driveway is long, it will comfortably hold four full size car lengths and this little lovey covered two-thirds of the driveway and it broke off somewhere halfway up the tree.

This is the end of the tree that was in our yard. It took out my little forest pansy tree that was so pretty.

This is the base of the other part that impaled our neighbors yard. Fortunately it went straight into the ground or I suspect our insurance company would have been buying the neighbors a new roof. We were so darn lucky. The good news was that the neighbors had a friend that used to be a lumberjack. In the pouring down rain and wind, this guy cut up both tree limbs and carted them off.

Someone will have some great fire wood.


As for Skirvee, the power of pawsitive thinking was powerful. By morning, the area that was bleeding had stopped completely. I still took him into the vet clinic fully expecting him to stay the day under observation. The vet took one look at him and said “take him home.” What a relief. Thank you for all of the good thoughts.