Nobody doesn’t like Sara lee


I know, we said that we weren’t going to bring home anymore.

And then, when we least expected it, a very sweet ten-year old came in on the haul. She’s been a farm dog all of her life. She loved her owner and he loved her and the rest of the handful of hounds he kept as pets. Sadly, he died unexpectedly in April and decisions had to be made. Sara was born on the farm and she grew up on the farm. She didn’t plan on being uprooted at ten-years old and leaving Kansas to move to Oregon.

She did really well on the trip out, but she was sad at the kennels. She’s an amazing little girl and so when I got a call from our kennel coordinator to see if we would take her, we could only find two answers in our hearts, yes and of course.

She met the pack in the backyard and they did great. She’s never been in a house, so this part has been a little confusing but I have no doubt that she will be fine. Won’t take long and she’ll find her way to an empty couch and wonder why it took her so long to get here.

So please, join me in welcoming home… Sara Lee.

As a side note, Talley’s racing name was Sandhill Sara and Karen’s last name is Lee. I think the stars just aligned for us.