Only a rumor


I used to believe them when they told me greyhounds don’t sit. Here’s proof, that they can if they want to. Just like most of things you hear about any breed, it just depends on the individual dog.

Don’t get too excited


Not all models are created equal and Sara wants the world to know that perky is not what everyone cracks it up to be.

I actually really like this photo of her, it really is her to a T. She’s only happy and bouncy when there is varmin in the yard to chase. The rest of the time she is quiet and thoughtful.

Note the treat laying on the ground. Any other time, she would be scrambling to eat those, they are her favorites. Posing in front of the camera… not a snowballs chance in hell.

Not a greyhound but a nutcase


Our little girlfriend is totally surprising us. She is spunky and so full of personality.

The other day I caught her lying on her back with Skirvee standing over her. At first I panicked, fortunately for us, Skirvee is as mild-mannered as they get. He sniffed her a couple of times and went on his merry way. A few minutes later she was doing the same thing to Danny.

We’ve had a lot of girls through here, some we spayed, some were newly spayed and some were long-time spays… never ever experienced that behavior before.

We love our new little girlfriend.

Glamour girls


Our little girlfriend has been with us for only two weeks and already she’s becoming one of the glamour girls.

You go girlfriend.

So this is how a senior greyhound behaves


It was beautiful when I got home this evening and it seemed fitting to follow Sara out with the camera. She high-stepped it out the back door and onto the acre with her head held high and her tail wagging. She gets along with most of the dogs really well, always a relief when you change the pack dynamics. Although, I guess we have changed them a lot over the years, I’m sure most of the greyhounds just think, oh look, another friend.

Sara, Crystal and Barney

Sara and Crystal are nearly the same age, Crystal turned 10 in May, Sara will be 10 next month and given the gentle easy-going nature of Crystal, I expected them to be fast friends and they are. They frequently walk the perimeter and give chase across the acre together.

Skirvee, Barney and Sara

Sara fits in like a glove, after three days it is almost as if she has been here from the beginning.


Race, Sara, Race

So, this is what a double-digit greyhound looks like. It has been a long time since I worked on the front lines of adoption, but I have always been a hero for the senior dogs.

They come in, take a look around and ask when dinner is. They still have the spunk of a youngster and the calmness appreciated with maturity.

If you ask me if I’m scared that I will fall in love and lose her all too soon, I’ll admit that hell yes I’m scared. But I will also tell you that there are no guarantees in life. Anything can happen.

A few years of unconditional love beats never having experienced that love any day, any time.

Things are looking up already


Sara is still a little shy and timid, but over all, she did very well today.

She spent a good deal of her day roaching on her back. She ate her dinner, was happy to go out with the other hounds and came up to me while I sat at my desk to get her ears scratched.

She loves the treats we pass out and really enjoyed just wandering around on the acre.

Yup, I think our little girl will fit in just fine.