Who’s da boss

Odin, Sadie and Caleb   

I don’t think there was ever any question, but I don’t think it was either Odin or Caleb.

I wonder who where’s the pants in the family now?

Continuing on with Sadie week

Sadie and Caleb   

Megan found this website, 100 Happy Days and she challenged me.

I’m always up for a good challenge. Accepted. This week we are finding all of the things that made Sadie happy. She loved her sunspots. If you know anything about Oregon, you know that when a sun shines, you enjoy it for all it is worth.

Little Sadie

Megan, Sadie and Caleb   

We said goodbye to Sadie on Friday. It was a very sad and emotional day for Megan. I’ll go back through and pull some memory photos for her, but I at least wanted to show one of the photos we took Friday morning.

Lady Sadie


The week did to get better for little Lady Sadie. My heart is shedding a million tears right now for both Sadie and my daughter.

Lady Sadie and Sir Caleb

Caleb and Sadie   

My daughter has a pair of antique Italian greyhounds. Sadie will be 14 next month and Caleb is nearing 16. When Megan adopted them, they were both over 25 lbs and their weight should be about 12 and 14 lbs. Megan has worked through weight loss, luxating patellas and grand mal seizures with Sadie.

All that life has thrown at them, both good and bad, is beginning to take it’s toll on Sadie.

She needs a little white light her direction tonight.

Best Thanksgiving ever

Emma, Holly, Joe and Autzen   

My youngest daughter Holly hosted Thanksgiving today. That kid rocks the kitchen. I still don’t know where she got it from. The overwhelming love for dogs I get, the cooking, not so much.

I adore her husband, he’s everything a mom could want.

We met before dinner so that I could do their second annual Thanksgiving photos. The weather was perfect today.

After the photos, Holly and Joe scrambled home so that they could finish the preparations for a fabulous meal. I used to not be so fond of holidays, but now they are becoming my favorite time of year.

Joe and Holly, thank you so much for today. It was perfect.

Ryan, Olivia, Odin, Megan, Sadie and Caleb   

My oldest daughter Megan and her family joined us just as Holly and Joe left. Could it possibly get any better for a momma?

Megan and Ryan will be getting married in January and just recently adopted Odin, the pittie at the center of attention.

Wow, what an awesome day.


And the other grand dogs

Sadie, Caleb and Olivia

I have to be the luckiest mom around. I know I am the luckiest mom around. I have such great joy looking at the photos from the two sessions I did on Sunday with both of my daughters. I am so proud of both of them. They have grown up to be such delightful, amazing young women.

I taught them and they listened to me when I talked about loving and caring for their pets for life. Both girls have senior pets along with all of the trials that go along with senior pets. They get it. They also picked partners in life that get it too. I am so thankful for both of the young men that they have chosen.

This is Sadie and Caleb and my almost grand daughter Olivia.

When Megan took Sadie and Caleb in, their owner had just died. Both of the dogs were extremely obese, like more than double their normal weight. Megan worked with them and got the weight off, but it certainly took it’s toll on the dogs. Sadie suffers from grand mal seizures and arthritis. Caleb is having some real balance issues.

One day at a time ladies, that’s how you do it.

When things go boom

Sadie and Caleb

My oldest daughter has two Italian greyhounds, Sadie and Caleb. They are both senior dogs now, Sadie is 12 suffering from arthritis and Caleb is 15, can’t see, can’t hear and nearly toothless. Despite the problems of old age both dogs seem very happy and get around in their apartment quite well.

We went up today to take some pictures. My daughter and her significant other have this fabulous corner apartment on the third story of a major street in Portland.

We were having a grand time taking photos when we heard a loud crash. Megan ran to the window, looked down and called out to Karen, “we have to go, you’re a nurse”.

The three of them ran out the door and I stayed up in the window with my camera. Apparently the Toyota ran a red light and was hit by the city bus. Fortunately, the driver was buckled and her two kids in the back seat were in car seats.

Karen’s nursing instincts kicked in as she talked to the little girl and they waited for the fire department to arrive.

It felt like forever, but when I looked at the time stamp on my photos, they had arrived in less than three minutes. I watched as they extricated the little girl, the little boy and broke out the windshield for the mom to get out. Nobody was hurt, not in the car and not on the bus.

Megan, Sadie, Caleb and Ryan

Everybody returned to the apartment, we took the family pose and Karen and I were on our merry way back home.

The second annual…

Celebration of the Winter Solstice in January

The weather was slightly less than cooperative on the longest day this year.

And it does seem to be a rather busy time of year, so we celebrated with the girls in January.

On foot, we traverse the streets in search of three restaurants, one for appetizers, one for the main course and what would a progressive lunch be without dessert.

Megan is the urban kid. She lives in a charming one bedroom victorian apartment downtown.

Holly lives in the burbs in a cute little house buried in a maze of suburban streets.

Of course, what is a celebration without gifts.

Holly only wanted a pink Dyson vacuum, who would think that one would actually appear in the month of October?

Autzen the grand labby was easy to please with toys.

Megan was all about cash

the grand iggies were more than happy to collect a cache of stuffies.

The unwrapping done, we gathered together

and hit the pavement.

Muu-Muu’s was our first stop for the appetizer.

It received a thumbs up from all of us. The seared tuna with wasabi sauce was to die for.

We walked an extra block or two in search of the main course. Holly, her Blackberry and Google saved the day when they pointed us in the right direction

to Mio Sushi.

Hark! Do I see a sushi roll and chop sticks in Megan’s hand?

Holly is still into the perfect vegetarian noodle.

Rave reviews for the best dessert in town lead us to Papa Haydn’s.

Who woulda thunk a dessert menu could have so many wonderful choices.

Thanks girls, it was a really greyt day!