January’s pin-up girl

Every year I do a calender, just because I can and with such greyt subjects, how can I go wrong?

January is Foxy Roxy. We adopted Roxy when she was nine years old. She had 75 races under her belt and upon retiring from the track, she settled in to become a mom. 15 babies later, she came home to be our baby.

She is probably one of the sweetest hounds and is just one more great example of why adopting a senior hound is always a good thing.

The year of the ear

Perky ears

By default, perky ears look like happy ears. We almost always get perky ears out in the back yard when something catches their attention. Squirrels and birds are an automatic perky ear grabber.


Minnie’s ears are beautiful. They are a soft blue with a white outline and highlight.



Roxy always looks so attentive when she sports her perky ears.



Joey has always had the face of a puppy. Perky ears are his specialty.



Flocko is just one hunk o’ hound dog. He uses his perky ears to get whatever he wants.


Blender, forever elegant with her snow white face always sports her perky ears.

Do not disturb

As I look around the room of wall to wall, floor to ceiling dog beds, I seriously have to wonder how they earned the nick-name

45 mile-per-hour couch potatoes?

Crystal and Adam






Pasha and Talley

Minnie and Crystal

Tundra three – Humor one • It’s melting

This is the face of a very happy camper! It is finally starting to thaw out around this frozen tundra. I have been in Oregon for nine days, 17 hours and 12 minutes. The clock on the back patio is finally registering above freezing.

The icicles are dripping and getting smaller.

And here is my proof, the thermometer says it is finally above 32°.

So here are the very last of the snow dog pictures. At least for another 40 years.

Crystal, Adam and Maddie checking out the scents on one of the beaten down pathes.

Crystal and Minnie.

Jori, Crystal and Minnie. Ice was falling off of the trees and definitely caught every one’s attention.

Moose listening to the noises in the trees.

Crystal, Jori, Cinderella and Minnie. None of us four girls wanted to venture off of the beaten path, even if it is starting to melt.

Moose and Mickey. Both lightweights. This is as far as they would go in the snow.

Still the bravest of them all.

Flocko wandering out and looking forward to warmth of his cushion inside.

Maddie, another one of those seniors not intimidated at all by the snow.

Minnie and Roxy all nestled in on their cushions.

Flocko, playing with a stuffie after braving the snow in the backyard.

Everyone is looking forward to the mudd that will follow the meltdown. Stay tuned for the muddy paw posts.

The Grinch Stole Oregon

One week ago, I was basking in 80° weather. I was sipping my umbrella drink through a straw, enjoying the warm Florida sand. I thought I had one-up on my kennel buddies, I, Cinderella, was on my way to paradise, to Greyhound Gardens.

Nobody prepared me for my first five days in parad-ice.

Remember the clock from Tuesday? Somewhere below 20°? Well, take a look at today’s weather. We’re having a heatwave, it is officially somewhere below 30°. I’ll report on the heatwave due tomorrow.

It’s insane here. We are still expected to make our daily five trips out to parad-ice. Unbelievable.

So I took a poll amongst the other greyhounds here. Four out of five hounds are pretty sure they can hold it until April. Of course, that is assuming that monsoon season doesn’t float us off to the Pacific.

Here is an example of the one outta five that isn’t afraid to trot off to the ice fields. This is Roxy. She isn’t running ’cause it’s fun. She just wants to get business taken care of and back into a nice warm cushion.

It’s gotta be a senior thing. Roxy is 12.

This is Maddie, she’ll be 13 next month.

And this is Pasha. He’ll be 13 in April. The cold doesn’t seem to phase these guys.

As for me. I can hold it until April. This Rover Reporter for the Greyhound Gazette will post the remaining of my reports from the comforts of my cushion.

December 17

Shortly after we lost Phoebe and Edie, Roxy came into the adoption kennel. She was senior brood mom.

Karen opened her kennel door and Roxy buried her head in her chest. She was coming home with us.

Manic Mondays

A friend started Manic Mondays. A picture blog challenge. I wanna play too!

Here are this weeks rules:

First picture: Any picture of your choice taken between December 6th-9th

Dec. 9–Talley is resting peacefully on her cushion. Just what a greyhound does best.

Second picture: Any picture of your choice taken between December 10th-12th

Dec. 12–Roxy and Crystal waiting on the other side of the baby gate in anticipation of something good I’m sure.

Third picture: The 12th picture you took on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day, 2008–Crystal enjoying her after-dinner bone.