Looking back


It has been a really busy summer, it’s kind of sad to think that we are just a few weeks until the end. I haven’t been able to do nearly as much shooting as I thought I would. Part of that is because I switch to four ten hour days and well, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to work extra hours.

In search of a photo for tonight I decided to look for my better photos of 2011. Who should pop up? Roxy! I sure miss that little girl.

Saying goodnight to 2011


There it is, 2012 looking right at me. What ever happened to 2011. Seems just like yesterday that Crystal and Minnie danced in the New Year. It was a pretty good year for us. Some heartbreak and lots of happiness to keep guiding us through.


Clancy left us for the Rainbow Bridge the end of the July. He’s been with us for a long time and it was so sad to let him go. Little did I know he would lead a small pack with him.


Roxy left for the Rainbow Bridge in October. She was a heart breaker. She reached her 15th birthday just like the 9 year-old puppy that joined us. We will forever miss that little girl.


Perhaps the one loss that still gets me was my Buddy. He was my constant companion, the best dog that ever lived. We miss him every day.


Barney made a surprise appearance in our lives after having lived in another home. We had fostered him in 2004 and 2005 and when his family moved out of state last February, Barney came back to the gardens. He celebrated his 13th birthday with us in December and he is such a happy camper. Welcome back to the gardens Barney.


The biggest surprise of 2011? Had to be the red head. We sure didn’t see this one coming. He has brought such joy to our lives.

We love each and every one of our greyhounds and I can’t imagine life without them. When they come home they are usually around 4 to 5 years old. They are always quiet and well-mannered… and they are couch potatoes. It’s easy to have a big pack of greyhounds because they are so good.

Bringing home a puppy added a whole new spice to our life, its been fun and more than anything, Timber helped us get through the heart break.


So, as 2012 greats us, we welcome it with our eyes wide open and bright.

We’re sending good wishes for a healthy and happy 2012 to all of our old friends, to our new friends and to those we love.

Here’s to a good one. All of the paws at Greyhound Gardens.

10,000 tears

On January 8, 2006 we adopted a puppy, a nine year old puppy.

Photo by Jeffrey Yen

In November 2005, we lost two of our senior girls. Oddly enough, both of them had these great overbites that they sported proudly.

I have managed the Oregon Greyhound Adoption website since 2005. In December that year, this picture showed up in my e-mail. This cutey was a newly retired broody. And, she had an overbite.

When we walked into the kennel, Donna told us we could have any dog we wanted. Karen opened her kennel door and Roxy buried her head in her chest. There wasn’t any point in looking any further, Roxy was our girl.

During the summer she would lay in the pool for hours.

And then she would walk back and forth along the back of the house to dry off. To this day, the paint remains scarred from her pacing back and forth.

Once retired from racing and raising babies, Roxy became a true lady of leisure.

She was also the hostess with the mostest, happy to share her bed with just about anyone.

She loved to go for car rides. Hiking was a favorite activity even at nearly 12 years old. She tired easier, but she was a trooper.

Rain or shine, Roxy loved to go. She walked across most of the covered bridges in our area.

Roxy treasured the acre. She wandered for hours sniffing the air and in her younger years, she was constantly on alert for those pesky squirrels.

She definitely had a look about her. It was her roost and she ruled it.

This was typically a look I got at bedtime. She liked her half right out of the middle and if I didn’t get ready for bed fast enough, this was the look.

Roxy was an original member of the Red Hot Houndies, and she wore her red hat proudly.

She was a card carrying member of the Double-Digit Gang.

In June when she started to have some weakness in her hind-end, we signed her up for hydrotherapy. She was a trooper in the water and looked forward to her weekly swimming lessons. Hydrotherapy didn’t fix her, but it did buy her a little more time.

BC’s Roxanne • September 17, 1996 to October 15, 2011

Tonight, I have cried 10,000 tears. Roxy turned 15 last month. 15 is getting fairly old for a greyhound. Age was creeping up on her. Her eyes were still bright, but they were tired and her body just wasn’t keeping up with her mind.

We’ve always lived by the rule that it is better too be a day too early than an hour too late. She quit having any desire to eat this week, she was telling us she was ready.

Roxy went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning with dignity and grace. We will miss our glorious little lady, our Foxy Roxy more than words can ever express.

Roxy’s swimming friends


Today was Roxy’s swimming lessons and she thought she would introduce you to her friends this month.


This is Dakota, she’s 15 just like Roxy. Yesterday was her first day, she was adorable and just rolled with the waves.

She wore a little life jacket as she paddled around the pool. She’s so little that she only had to swim back and forth a couple times to have as much exercise as Roxy.


This handsome hound is Charlie. Yesterday was his first day at the pool. He’s recovering from surgery.

He really doesn’t like the water. He kept looking out at his humans, hoping beyond hope that they would end this madness.


Ryder had a stroke about a month ago. He’s rehabbing  at the pool. His spirit is amazing, he is such a happy little guy.


Jesse is 13 years old. I love, love, love her face. It is so soft and gentle, just like her.

Her beauty demands that she not get her face wet.


And last but not least, the elusive Emily. Every week I watch her from across the room. She’s the wise one and oh so beautiful. She was a little camera shy, I laid down in pool water to get an image that would really capture her wisdom and beauty.

But when a treat is waved in front of her nose, her attention came right to me. Or at least my direction since the treat was over by me.

Celebration in the gardens


Roxy, there is a rumor going around. Something about a very happy birthday?

Care to expand on that girlfriend? Just how many candles are you gonna have to blow out?

Oh, a lady never tells her age. How silly of me, I forgot.

You’ll always be a puppy to us, come on Roxy, let’s tell your friends, just how old are you gonna be on Saturday, September 17?

15 years young!

Happy birthday honey girl.

And umm Roxy, it is time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. I’m gonna tell everyone that stops by just how old you are. Sorry, I can’t help myself.

Here’s the rules, join on in.

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One day at a time


Roxy had a good day today even though it was so beastly hot. She’ll be 15 on Saturday, Sept. 17. Every day is a gift. She has a fabulous appetite, yet she is getting so thin. The swimming lessons have helped her some, but her knees are growing weaker.

I remember when my girls were little, Carter’s clothes had this great tag line: “If they could just stay little ’til their Carter’s wear out.”

I think her Carter’s are starting to wear out.

Random Friday

Holy smokes it got hot today. I know, I know 85° would be like being in a deep freeze for some, but for us wienie Oregonians… we’re melting. And that annoyingly bright sun, what is up with that?

The noon time run just wasn’t any fun.

It pretty much just brought the lazies out.

And E.T. But, he never offered to beam us up to a cooler place.

Some are forever optimistic sun worshippers.

And others are smiling ’cause they know it’s swimming day and they can cool off in the pool.

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A tookus comparison

We needed to go light today, so I thought I would compare Roxy’s tookus with pre- and post-hydrotherapy photos. Sadly, neither are great to show the muscle development we’re seeing, but I do think they make a great argument for giving it a try if you have a canine pool close by.

This was taken on June 15.

And this one is just a month later, July 19. She’s standing better, getting up and down easier and she’s moving around the acre like a puppy again. Sheesh she makes me nervous some days. I just want to put her in a bubble.

Our new swimming friends

Going in for hydrotherapy once a week is a whole lot like when my daughters were little. As I waited on the sidelines, I would get to know the other parents and their children. Oddly enough, the dogs are no different.

This is Cannonball Cooper. He’s taking hydrotherapy to help recover from a reparative surgery.

The reality is, Cooper loves swimming lessons as much as he loves his ball. He would take every other dog’s turn if he could have it.

This is one happy dog. I suspect that on the way home, he and his momma rock out all the way home to radio.

This is Chase. He’s a 10 year old Great Dane, and there is something about this boy that has really tugged at my heart strings.

He just looks so kind and thoughtful.

He takes his swimming lessons in stride. He is there to help with some arthritis issues.

Yup, he just takes things in stride. He’s deaf and communicates with his owner through sign language. By day, he is a service dog, by night… he is just cool.

This is the other Buddy. Yesterday was his first time.

He wasn’t so sure about the pool yesterday, but today his prize was the frosted donut with sprinkles. He got into the pool all by himself.

He is also swimming following reparative surgery. He was so funny about not getting his hair wet. I personally think he just didn’t want to have a soggy donut.

And how is Roxy doing? She is a lady of leisure. Ah yes, couch or pool, she’s totally relaxed.

Yesterday Buddy started his lessons. He’s hanging in there pretty well.

Roxy’s tookus

I’m in Portland this week-end for a photography workshop so Karen had to take Roxy to her swimming lessons alone. We are seeing muscle mass where we never thought we would see muscle again. We’ll be lining all of the senior dogs up for swimming. I am so impressed with her progress. She’s walking better, laying down better and more confident around the other hounds.

Hydrotherapy is wonderful.