Madeline Sweet Girl of Mine

Oh Maddie girl. I remember the day I brought you home so vividly. You were supposed to stay as a guest, but that rabbit soft fur of yours kept telling us you were home. Do you think Jeff really knew what he was doing when he handed me your leash?
After a few short weeks we signed your adoption papers and you too, knew you were home.
Of course, even as a 7 year old, a senior to some you kept us on our toes. Nobody could shred a roll of toilet paper faster than you. You had a whole caper dedicated just to you.
Of course, who could suspect our sweet and innocent Madeline.
You had your moments of being a total nutcase, sometimes you just felt like a nut.
And you seemed especially attached to Gracie. You two started off as best buds right away.
The backyard was your haven. You spent hours out there maintaining an alert level, just to keep everyone safe.
You definitely had a sense of princess entitlement. The softest bed was yours and yours alone.
And you adored your mommas, just as much as we loved you.
You had the perfect mixture of gentleness, kindness…
and that wild and crazy side was with you until the very end.
A stroll in the park was always welcome, and you were so happy to go for a ride in the car.
And if a ride wasn’t possible, then a shady patch of grass was the next best thing. You had the best sphinx ever.
As an esteemed member of the Red Hot Houndies, you wore your red and purple very well,
But you were even prettier in pink!
Ah but Maddie, I will miss all of those things about you, but you know what I will miss most?
I will miss you laying next to me at my desk. You always picked out the cushion that was closest to me.
I really miss you at my side honey girl.
But I know in my heart of hearts that you are already back in garden, front and center, just like you liked with your head held high. 
Loveletter aka Maddie • January 31, 1996–July 9, 2009

Happiness is a journey, not a destination

And baby what a ride we had!
I remember the day so well.  A co-worker told me that greyhounds would be available for adoption at a local store. I didn’t know anything about greyhounds, but on a whim I loaded up the family on that cold December day and away we went.
I carefully wrapped the book Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies and placed it under the tree after reading it cover to cover. I knew there was going to be a greyhound in my future. On New Years Day, 2002 we drove out to the coast and picked you out. Just like the book said, I waited until I could take a few days off for maternity leave before I brought you home.

Home life was a little scary at first. It took you a long time before you would walk across the tile flooring, but it was OK, because you had found a way around it. My only request was that you would be good to the Italian Greyhounds, and you were best friends from the very beginning.
You discovered the couch right away and then before I knew it, you were crawling into bed to snuggle between us. You were such the lover, but please help us if we tried to move you when you were sound asleep. You did have quite the sleep/space aggression thing going. Not to worry sweet boy, we would work with you.
It was many thanks to you that I was introduced to greyhound fostering, and then promptly failing greyhound fostering. Blender came into our lives just a few short months after you came home. She was scared of everything and you and Holly helped her to build her confidence. She is now one beautiful and happy dog.
It was all thanks to you that I was introduced to greyhound adoption and I quickly jumped into becoming a volunteer. Many greyhounds have happy homes thanks to you. But perhaps the biggest journey you took me on was a fork in the road I didn’t even know was there. For a short time we fostered two more beautiful black greyhounds, Murphy and Bentley. We found them a home with a wonderful new mommy and she had an acre for them to run on. I frequently took you over to play on the acre and then, I moved over to the acre.

Sadly, I left you with your dad and Megan, but I knew you would be fine and still the happiest dog alive. You ventured onto many a hiking trail with your dad. You got a little car sick, but you loved the adventure.

And then, along with many of life’s twists and turns, you were back in our lives. Always a happy boy, you found the couch and settled in.
You loved the acre. You ran and played as if it was always meant for you.
You were without a doubt one of the most beautiful boys in world. I never realized how white your face had gotten until I looked back at some of the old pictures. Your amber eyes against your black and white face could charm anyone.
Happy happy Fonzi dawg. I will remember you forever for just being so happy and always ready to play.
I never saw this coming. In my mind you were going to live forever, happy, healthy and vibrant. I didn’t even get you into the Double Digit gang. Nine years old was way to young to lose you. But you will forever run in our hearts. 
And you have a whole pack waiting to play with you in the rainbow garden.
Fonzi aka Burning Bliss • October 4, 1999 – February 10, 2009