28 dogs, two cats and one guinea pig


There are hazards to my new favorite job. I come home smelling like, well, to put it bluntly… let’s just say our dogs are not happy with us. They are ready to go outside and take care of business and they are forced to spend the first 10 minutes trying to figure out who we have been with.

They don’t like it, not one little bit. So far, they are showing no signs of getting used to it either.

Today we kicked off 2014 Pets of Salem Calendar for Nature’s Pet Salem. It was great fun. This is Pink. Not only is she the first guinea pig I’ve ever photographed, I think she is the first guinea pig I have ever met.

She’s a cutie.

48 hours later… Lights, camera


Action? I’m thinking Miss Meredith isn’t quite ready to be a super model yet. She definitely has opinions and she isn’t afraid to express them.

She’s a very sweet kitty. She takes notice whenever we walk into the room. She rubs against our hands for extra loving. She’s still taking every thing in and becoming Juliass’s BFF isn’t on her agenda yet, nor is having her photo taken.

Sometimes when I look at her, I think she does somewhat resemble a sea otter.

Lab is ball spelled backwards

To our favorite goldens in BZTraining land, I really didn’t mean to call you a lab, as in black, brown or yellow. Really. Lab is just ball spelled backwards… it’s secret code for “Happy Dog.” And besides, you have to cut me some slack. I’m one of those sight hound people.

Happy park dog with ball/lab


Not so happy lab/ball because the grandmothers do not have a tennis ball


Happy dance down the beach to chase lab/ball


Happy water dance for lab/ball


Happy jump for joy lab/ball, even if it isn't a tennis ball. Bad grandmas.


Minto Belle, tale of a ball thief


We had planned to go out to the coast today. But you know, some days the best laid plans of mice and men go straight to the dogs. About a month ago Minnie got called into the e-vet to donate blood. Last night the e-vet called back saying that the same dog needed blood and even though it had only been a month, I felt that Minnie was healthy enough to handle another donation. Because this was the second donation even though she is a universal donor, they have to type and cross match the blood. It involved a different test. Her blood wasn’t going to work, so I took her home and grabbed Mickey.


Mickey and Minnie are the last of our universal donors, all of the other greyhounds have aged out of donating blood. Mickey’s wasn’t going to work either. It was really sad for us, we couldn’t help this time. Not a good way to start the flipping new year.

By the time I got home, it was noon and a trip to the coast didn’t feel warranted.

We thought we would try to find a new place to shoot the sunset and headed down to Minto Brown Park in Salem. Every path we headed towards was closed due to high water and flooding. Minto Brown is well known in Salem for it’s dog park and we decided to just walk over there.

I hit pay dirt! There were millions (ok, a slight exaggeration) of happy dogs just running around.

Enter Minto Belle, the grand dame of ball thieves.


A drop-dead gorgeous five-year old golden retriever, was thrilled to see a camera to capture her beauty.

When she first approached us, she had an orange ball completely slobbered up. Her mom Dee laughed when she admitted it wasn’t Belle’s ball.

Note that this time Belle’s ball is not orange. She managed to confiscate some other pups ball.

Clearly Belle had no shame for her ball thievery, although I don’t think the other dog’s owners were thrilled with the trade. I found the entire event completely amusing. Greyhounds do not steal balls. It’s gotta be a lab thing.

I was like a kid in a candy store at the dog park. The people we met were fabulous and all of the dogs rocked my world.

Yep, this is the way to start a new year. If you want to see what a few of Salem’s other wonderful dogs look like, you can see them at terrijacobson.com

A greyhound party – the finale

When greyhounds gather, especially when they don’t live in a household with other greyhounds, they are always happy to see more greyhounds. Ears go up and tails wag. Then they remember why they really came. They can be quite poofy dogs. Fancy schmancy collars, coats with matching boots and fluffy beds fit for a king.

What are gently demanding? Where are the treats and where is the shopping?

Karen from Greyt Outdoors was there with her beautiful coats. The winter season is here and her coats are second to none.

This lucky hound went home sporting a little royal blue.

We can neither start nor end our working day without a cup of coffee. I guess we could be considered coffee snobs. We are also greyhound-aholics when it comes to shopping, so when we see anything that has a greyhound on it, our interest is peaked.

The greyhound coffee rocked the house. We bought a pound.

I saw lots of hounds prancing around with bright and colorful bandanas and their humans carried paper bags. I’m guessing every greyhound got their own goody bag. (Shush, we won’t tell our guys).

This beautiful wall hanging was part of the raffle. I’ll bet some lucky hound thought they were getting a new blankie.

And last, but certainly not the least, the 2012 greyhound calendars were hot off of the press and ready to sell.

This calendar is full of whimsey and fun. You can purchase on here.

Now this was a party Pacific northwest style.

When greyhounds bring their humans to a party

It’s a love fest. People love their greyhounds.

And greyhounds adore their people.

Greyhounds are very contagious. The highly infectious disease is called “chipping.”

In the beginning I was told that greyhounds are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

This is a demonstration of human multitasking. You have to be able to carry on a conversation with a perfect stranger while untangling yourself in a “Twister” like fashion from multiple leashes and never miss a beat.

Greyhound humans are masters at this task, even when greyhounds become bookends not allowing their human any room to move.

When a gathering of greyhounds and humans come together, there is always a whole lot of flirting going on. It’s shameful I tell you.

New friends are made and the story swapping begins. Tales of races, weight, cats, beds, poops, kibble and collars… all are fair game for discussion when greyhounds bring their humans together for a party.

The finale is tomorrow.

Here are some of the other photos I posted of hounds and their humans: terrijacobson.com

Ya shoulda been there

They came from far and wide. Greyhounds love a good party.

And it was a perfect day for a picnic. Weather.com had threatened rain, but we merely had pleasant overcast skies. Not to hot, not to cold.

The best part for the volunteers was meeting up with old friends. This senior girlie is Jan and secretly I think the volunteer wanted to scoop her up and take her home but instead, she was happy to see Jan and even moire happy to know what a wonderful and loving home she had.

The men were back in the kitchen serving up the lunch. To the best of my knowledge, no greyhounds were served as the main dish.

One of the favorite booths… pedicures. I should have been in that line.

Looks like Apollo will be going home with silver tootsies.

Who wouldn’t want a pedicure when you get this type of loving? No wonder the greyhounds avoided the hot dog line and waited for pedicures.

Wanna know what else happened? You’ll just have to come back tomorrow.

Roxy’s swimming friends


Today was Roxy’s swimming lessons and she thought she would introduce you to her friends this month.


This is Dakota, she’s 15 just like Roxy. Yesterday was her first day, she was adorable and just rolled with the waves.

She wore a little life jacket as she paddled around the pool. She’s so little that she only had to swim back and forth a couple times to have as much exercise as Roxy.


This handsome hound is Charlie. Yesterday was his first day at the pool. He’s recovering from surgery.

He really doesn’t like the water. He kept looking out at his humans, hoping beyond hope that they would end this madness.


Ryder had a stroke about a month ago. He’s rehabbing ¬†at the pool. His spirit is amazing, he is such a happy little guy.


Jesse is 13 years old. I love, love, love her face. It is so soft and gentle, just like her.

Her beauty demands that she not get her face wet.


And last but not least, the elusive Emily. Every week I watch her from across the room. She’s the wise one and oh so beautiful. She was a little camera shy, I laid down in pool water to get an image that would really capture her wisdom and beauty.

But when a treat is waved in front of her nose, her attention came right to me. Or at least my direction since the treat was over by me.