He thought I was kidding


Before I signed Pete’s adoption contract, I asked him if he was ready to be a model. He said of course as he had one paw out the door.

Apparently he thought I was kidding. I see we have some work to do.

Ready for good news?


Mommy! You finally made it!

Karen and I were devastated when we lost Skirvee. I don’t think a day goes by that a tear or two doesn’t stream down my face. Karen and I have talked forever about how we would let our pack dwindle down naturally. It makes sense, but the house was getting so empty. Too empty.

Our pack is getting some age behind them too. We’ve always had blood donors and even they are getting to a retirement age.

So I talked to the adoption rep at the kennel we volunteer for. Two names came flying back at me. Pete spoke volumes to me immediately. He is already a blood donor through a program that our group works with, he’s a baby, he’s only four years old and he’s fawn. Moose, the boy we lost in January was fawn, Talley was fawn and Skirvee was fawn.

The most amazing thing happened on the ride home, Pete reminded us of our Buddy. Buddy the boy that was responsible for my love of pet photography. He’s got Buddy’s gentle and sensitive demeanor. He has not left my side since we got home, just like Buddy. I spent many an hour at the keyboard typing with one hand and once again, I had a day just like that.

And the other dogs? It’s as if he has always, always, always been here. No introductions needed.

He even seemed to know that we were his moms from the minute we got there. For the life of me, I can’t believe that someone didn’t grab him as soon as he got to the kennel.

I guess he was just waiting for us.

Kiowa Pettigrew aka Pete   

Please join us in welcoming Pete to Greyhound Gardens.