A walk on the wildside


We did the “Walk on the Wild Side” event today for Wildcat Haven Sanctuary. We had a wonderful time.

This is what our wild side walk looks like.

A hero once again


Thanks to Pete, a beautiful little white dog is feeling much better tonight.

Pete gave him a few of his juicy red blood cells.

Momma found a new settee


A friend texted a friend that texted me to tell me that this little beauty was at a local antique shop.

It’s not like I needed another settee… but this one was blue.

I had just left the chiropractor and thought I would pop by. I played little mental games with myself. If there is parking right in front of the store. If the store is even open yet. If it is $400 or less. If there aren’t any tears in the fabric.

I scored on every if. It fit in the back end of my Element perfectly.

I was supposed to have the settee.

And besides, Pete looks stunning in blue.

I didn’t forget his birthday


On the contrar. We actually took Pete down to the riverfront for his inaugural sunset photos. I had just set up when one of our favorite vet techs wandered by. I absolutely had to take advantage of he and his dog.

Pete graciously stood aside while I worked with Major.

Once we got home, I realized I had lost my wallet, probably rolling around on the ground with Major. We raced back to the riverfront, but my wallet was no where to be seen. I immediately canceled all of my cards (trying to explain to a computer voice that you don’t have the card number because the number is on the card that is lost is close to impossible).

I found all of the stuff I needed to hopefully get my driver license replaced and set out to enjoy the rest of the week end.

Long story short, Monday morning I was racing out of the house to run to the DMV when low and behold, there sat my wallet between the wall and the toilet.


To my boy who ever so gently wrapped his paws around my heart when I really needed him, Happy 5th Birthday. I’m so glad you came into our lives. You are my Perfect Pete.

Here is the link to Kevin and Major.

Grooming the supermodel


Grooming a supermodel is never an easy job. Pete is no exception to the rule. He’s been with us since December. I take him out and work with him in the studio. So far, he has given me three perfect poses.

You would think that someone this beautiful would be spot on for every photo.

But no, he gives me on and if I miss my opportunity, it’s my tough luck. Still love this guy.

To the beach and beyond

Crystal and Pete   

Or at least I wish it was beyond. Today was my last day of vacation. It was time to hit the beach. They all drew straws and to my surprise, it was Pete and Crystal. It was so beautiful out there. Much warmer than here in Salem and oh so sunny. We had a wonderful walk in the surf, snagged a couple of photos and came home so that I could get ready to go to work.

I’m fairly certain that I will suffer from severe separation anxiety. I love hanging at home with the doggies.

I’ve been very, very good

Perfect Pete   

Dear Santa,

I have been in my new home now for nine days. I have been so good, they call me Perfect Pete. I wag my tail all of the time and I always keep a close eye on my new mom. I have a cushion right beside her underneath her desk, it used to be occupied by Danny Bleu and when he never came home from the clinic, I began to lay down there so she wouldn’t be lonely.

Last night when she patted the bed beside her I laid down by her legs. This morning when she woke up, I was stretched out beside her with my head resting on her shoulder. I have done my very best to help her through her sadness this week.

The rest of the gang and I are ready for you to bring by our toys and treats.

Love, Pete