Today will be a very good day

Today will be a very good day.
I think I will start by laying in the cool green grass, I’ll watch my friends play and play.

I will of course walk around for a long time. I’ll sniff the flowers, I’ll chew on a few tender shoots of grass. Yes, it will be a very good day.
Wanna know what makes today special?
It’s my 13th birthday.
Happy Birthday Pashaman!

First sunny day in the gardens

Finally, the sun has shown its bright yellow face in the gardens. And just what happens on a bright sunny day you ask?

Roxy likes to go for a dip in the cool, fresh pools.
Pasha preferred to lay in the shade.
Murphy went right after the newly mowed grass for a tasty snack.
Maddie is the eternal sunbather.
Crystal the missile practiced her flying lessons.
Adam was just plain silly.
Karen stayed busy with yard work.
But nobody stayed as busy as the bees in the plum tree.

Weather vs. Plum tree

The ancient plum tree is in full bloom. She knows that it is April and she has probably done this for 75 years. on the other hand, doesn’t get it. The Internet in tree years is relatively young, and it just doesn’t understand the seasons like the plum tree does. Come on spring, we’re waiting on you.

Even with the chilly wind, Pasha was feeling his oats tonight. 
After admiring the plum tree in all her beauty, he decided to run with the youngens.
Feeling rather light on his feet, he had all four paws off of the ground.
The energizer greyhound will be 13 years old April 26.

Pish Posh at Sunset

The Pashmeister after dinner this evening. He is one perfect hound dog.

Even at 12 years old, he still has enough spunk to give chase.
Cool drink from the pools, a dog’s best friend.

Twisted Sistas

How do they do that?

Jori is demonstrating the “canine pretzel.”

Roxy has her patented “stretch, twist and turn” or for you yoga buffs, the “reclining twist” to release the tension in her spine and tone her tummy.

And a twisted brotha, Pasha. Relaxing after a day of relaxing.

Hey Mom! When the going gets tough…

The tough get going!

Well almost. We think it makes more sense just to bury our heads in our paws and pretend it isn’t happening.

Let us demonstrate how you too can bury your head in your paws.

And the countdown continues… 22 days.

Pasha prefers the whole schnauz cover up. Nothing can get through, not even the littlest things.

Duncan puts his whole head in a lock. Protecting the brain from the drain is of utmost importance.

Picker has placed his nose in his armpit, a place most people won’t dare to go.

And the forever amazing Gracie has wrapped her little paw right around the end of her nose and over her mouth reminding you not to speak of evil, it just isn’t professional.

And if it gets too bad, Jori recommends putting your head between your knees and just kiss your hairy ass good-bye!

But you had better not ’cause we need you.

The year of the ear

Standie-up ears

My personal favorites are the standie-up ears. Always at attention, standie-up ears get attention.

Talley never misses a trick, her standie-up radar dishes catch everything.

Skirvee is a total nutcase and his standie-up ears confirm it. He’s as fun-loving as he looks.

Pasha is a natural with his standie-up ears. He has such a distinguished look about him.

Crystal probably has the most versatile ears. Here she is sporting her alert standie-up ears, she had been watching the birds and was sure they were there for her entertainment.

Do not disturb

As I look around the room of wall to wall, floor to ceiling dog beds, I seriously have to wonder how they earned the nick-name

45 mile-per-hour couch potatoes?

Crystal and Adam






Pasha and Talley

Minnie and Crystal

Tundra three – Humor one • It’s melting

This is the face of a very happy camper! It is finally starting to thaw out around this frozen tundra. I have been in Oregon for nine days, 17 hours and 12 minutes. The clock on the back patio is finally registering above freezing.

The icicles are dripping and getting smaller.

And here is my proof, the thermometer says it is finally above 32°.

So here are the very last of the snow dog pictures. At least for another 40 years.

Crystal, Adam and Maddie checking out the scents on one of the beaten down pathes.

Crystal and Minnie.

Jori, Crystal and Minnie. Ice was falling off of the trees and definitely caught every one’s attention.

Moose listening to the noises in the trees.

Crystal, Jori, Cinderella and Minnie. None of us four girls wanted to venture off of the beaten path, even if it is starting to melt.

Moose and Mickey. Both lightweights. This is as far as they would go in the snow.

Still the bravest of them all.

Flocko wandering out and looking forward to warmth of his cushion inside.

Maddie, another one of those seniors not intimidated at all by the snow.

Minnie and Roxy all nestled in on their cushions.

Flocko, playing with a stuffie after braving the snow in the backyard.

Everyone is looking forward to the mudd that will follow the meltdown. Stay tuned for the muddy paw posts.

December 22

It was a phone call. We’re moving to California and we don’t think our 12.5 year old greyhound is strong enough to make the move. If we can’t find a home for him…

‘Nuff said, Pasha came to the gardens and he is such a delight. We really were the lucky ones to have him adopt us. He’s not an old man, he just got a new lease on life.

She’s back! Crystal started out in the gardens as a foster in 2004. When she was listed on Craigslist looking for a home, we stopped at nothing until we got her back. She’s our 47 lb. bundle of joy.