Today’s fundraiser

Olivia and Odin   

At this time of year I am swamped with fundraisers for various non0profit groups. I really do love what I do. Since the beginning of November, I have done fundraisers for the greyhounds, the ridgebacks, the Humane Society and today was Marion County Dog Shelter.

Our grand dogger Odin is an alum of the Marion County Dog Shelter, so we were more than happy to help out. I never ever expected to have a line out the door. I was scheduled to work from 11 am to 3 pm and we finally started packing up at 4 pm so that we could accommodate everyone that came out. It was wildly successful.

My grand doggers

Odin, Jericho, Goldee and Autzen   

We decided this year to do the family photos at our place. We hauled the settee out to the back yard and let the doggies play for awhile. It had been raining like cats and dogs. Part the acre was swamp land, but that didn’t slow the grand doggers down. They played and chased and had a grand time.

Who’s da boss

Odin, Sadie and Caleb   

I don’t think there was ever any question, but I don’t think it was either Odin or Caleb.

I wonder who where’s the pants in the family now?

Hey! I think I know you


I’m not sure that I have formally introduced our new grand dog.

Please meet Odin, brindle pittie extraordinaire. He just happened to make his way to Salem today for his first Santa Paws photo. This dog cracks me up. Karen and I have followed this boy since he was a shelter dog, his story is here on my photoblog. I’m sure he will provide hours of entertainment from here forth.

Today marked our last Santa Paws session of the season. I’m kinda sad because they are so entertaining for me, I really do have a great time at them.

Big news coming down the pike tomorrow. You better stay tuned. 🙂