Define "Camp Lisa"

Moms, we had an emergency meeting of the greyhounds. Ya better start ‘splainin’ Camp Lisa.

Oh Murph, you guys will love your little vacation. Camp Lisa is an exquisite, five-star destination for greyhounds. You’ll have scenic mountain vistas, rambling forested trails, swimming pool, hot tub, fresh meals and a pedicure.

OK. Night moms.

Oregon by Greyhound • Murphy’s Field of Flowers

The Adventure Murphy’s Field of Flowers

Location LAT 44.942662 N LON -123.05606 W
Date July 2, 2009
Weather 68°, cloudy

Distance 5.3 miles

The udder mudder had told us about the beautiful field of flowers behind her clinic in West Salem. Murphy had to see for himself.

Without a doubt, the little periwinkle colored flowers were my favorite.

And they were perfect mixed in with the pink sweet peas.

And the white lacy things.

The day was so still that whatever flower had gone to seed remained on the stem.

A pair of periwinkles.

Another flower gone to seed.

The bees were covered in pollen. I was amazed at the amount of time that passed just watching the bees.

Another greyt field trip right in our backyard.

Happy Birthday Murphy

Dearest Mr. Murphy,

You have had the longest run at greyhound gardens. In fact, you were the one that introduced your momma Karen to the wonderful world of greyhounds.

You always have that look of wisdom. It has got to be those beautiful brown eyes.

And you are totally responsible for Salem’s “Twilight Bark”. I don’t think a day goes by that you don’t stand out in the middle of the yard and bark the daily report for all to hear.

Of course, you are one of the most elegant and loving dogs around. It’s your sleek and shiny black tuxedo coat that makes you so stunning.

And then there is the casual side of you that only we get to enjoy. Nobody would appreciate gnawing on a fresh clump of cut grass more than you.

Happy 11th birthday big guy. (And happy birthday to your momma Karen that celebrates it the very same day! I know, I know it was really June 1, I didn’t turn the calender over in time.)

Baseball, Greyhound Style

Don’t worry I got it. Yep, it’s coming my way. It’s mine, I got it.
Almost, I have it. Fly toy, it’s mine!
Phew, I’m safe, I have it now.
And I’m off. Catch me if you can.

First sunny day in the gardens

Finally, the sun has shown its bright yellow face in the gardens. And just what happens on a bright sunny day you ask?

Roxy likes to go for a dip in the cool, fresh pools.
Pasha preferred to lay in the shade.
Murphy went right after the newly mowed grass for a tasty snack.
Maddie is the eternal sunbather.
Crystal the missile practiced her flying lessons.
Adam was just plain silly.
Karen stayed busy with yard work.
But nobody stayed as busy as the bees in the plum tree.