I’m serving notice now

When we set our clocks back on Saturday night, that did not mean that you all were to set your internal clocks for 3:30 am.

Don’t look at me so innocently. I need my beauty sleep. Fall back means extra sleep, not less sleep.

And if you all don’t sleep in a little later, I’ll, I’ll make you leave retirement and get another job!

Get it?

Not impressed

I got home tonight and wanted to impress the doggies with everything I learned during the week-end workshop.

I really wanted them to know that the reason I was gone was all about them.

Judging by the looks on their faces,

I don’t think they were impressed.

Sorry guys

I know, I know. Please don’t be mad at me.

I’m going to another photography seminar and will be gone all week-end.

But your other mother will be home. :o)))

Hey Murph!

Are you hiding from something there big guy?

I thought for sure you would be kicking your heels up. I hear there is another birthday to celebrate.

Murphy! Birthdays are a good thing. Don’t bleh your birthday.

What’s that? Someone else is celebrating their birthday today?

Happy Birthday Karen and Murphy!

The Double-Digit Gang

It was time to take another double-digit gang picture. Lighting was perfect, cooperation wasn’t so perfect.

Seven dogs, ages 10 to 13.5. Two black, two white and fawn, one white and brindle, one fawn and one brindle.
Many, many images and I don’t think one shot was produced with all of them looking at me.
Duncan and Murphy exchanged a few pleasantries. The lump that continues to grow in leaps and bounds shows up quite well here.
Here’s the line-up: Left side, back to front – Roxy 13.5, Buddy 12.5, Blender 11, Murphy 12
Right side, back to front – Jori 10, Adam 10, Duncan 11

And this one is the family photo, yes even Karen and I are card-carrying members of the double-digit gang.

The life of Murphy

Murphy lives for the spring and freshly mowed grass. He would lay out there for hours, as long as we were close by.

He rolls around just like a puppy, taking it all in.

Of course, he always has ulterior motives.

He’s not as innocent as he looks. He waits until the coast is clear and munches down on the clumps of grass. He doesn’t think we’re watching.

But the tidbits of grass stuck in his teeth don’t lie.

Tis Friday once again

Technically that doesn’t mean anything to us, but for the mommas…

  1. The alarm doesn’t go off at 3:30 am
  2. Their morning coffee seems to last a whole lot longer
  3. Somebody will most likely get to go on an adventure
  4. It’s hard to find an empty cushion because all of the hound dogs are camped out
  5. Our meals aren’t quite as timely, especially in the mornings. Sometimes the mommas are a little to relaxed