Oregon by Greyhound • Weddle Covered Bridge

Still enthusiastic after riding in the car for a couple of hours, Moose looked forward to the Weddle Bridge.
Originally spanning Thomas Creek, the bridge had become neglected when it was by-passed by a concrete span in 1980.
When the bridge was slated to be demolished, someone chained themselves to a bulldozer to save the bridge. In 1989 a group in Sweet Home formed to rebuild the bridge in Sankey park over the Ames Creek.
Sankey park was the original site for two logging mills. Adding the bridge was just another piece of restoration to the park.
On the other side of Ames Creek is a smaller foot bridge over the dam the creek now by-passes. It was built in 1989 by the high school building trades class.
Sadly, both bridges were gated and Moose was not able to walk across either of them. The Weddle Bridge was still incredibly beautiful, and worth the visit to Sweet Home.

Oregon by Greyhound • Crawsfordsville Covered Bridge

We had an unscheduled and unexpected bridge stop. We were driving along one of the country roads when all of a sudden Moose noticed the Crawfordsville bridge. 
Built in 1932 the Crawsfordsville Bridge goes across the Calapooia River. It was bypassed by the highway in 1963.
In 1976 it was the star in the television movie, The Flood

Overall, for his first adventure, Moose was a wonderful traveler. He was ready to keep going and so on we went.

Oregon by Greyhound • Thompson’s Flouring Mills

Moose made his maiden adventure voyage and being the history buff that he is, we headed straight for Thompson’s Flouring Mills, the newest state park in Oregon. Thank you lottery tickets.
Originally constructed as a flour mill, in 1940 the mill changed with the times and began producing animal feed. 
Families preferred the convenience of store bought bread vs. baking there own.
Tom, the state park volunteer had a greyt time showing Moose around, at least on the outside. Silly park rules prevented Moose from entering the building.
This is what the turbines look like above the water that power the mill.
This is a turbine 16 ft. below the water level in action.
At the end of the Mill Race, Karen and Moose look at the water as it rushes through.
One of three gears that controls the water as in flows into the turbines.
Wooden cogs were used because not only were they cheaper, but they were much easier to replace when broken.
Water as it rushes under the mill and into the Calapooia River.
The original mill was built in 1858. Soon after, the town Boston, Oregon  sprang up near the mill. By 1871 however, the town declined when a railroad passed a mile and half away. Families packed up and moved just to be near the railroad.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

First, the good.

Feb. 20 the Fly Boys joined us from Florida.
Nov. 2 Pasha joined the gardens when his family moved to California
Nov. 9 Joey comes up to us on his own for ear scritches
Nov. 26 Crystalbella is back after four years in another home
Dec. 15 Cinderella arrived home from Florida

And then, the bad.

March 28 Cleo is diagnosed with lymphoma and goes to the bridge
April 9 Adam diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia, and as of January 9, 2009 he will be nine months post diagnosis
July 31 Oneco goes to the bridge
Aug. 1 Clancy diagnosed with sarcoma, surgery removed the tumor with clean margins

Unfortunately, the Ugly

Vet bill for 2008 $13,717.40
Dog food 7,280 lbs.

The year of the ear

I admit it, greyhounds have greyt ears. First thing I always notice are the eyes, but then, it’s the ears that draw me in.

Greyhounds do amazing things with their ears and you can almost tell what they are thinking.

We have the…

I just got outta bed and don’t know what to do with my ears, better known as

A bad ear day


Moose has exceptionally greyt ears. Regularly, one flops forward and the other flops backward. 


Oneco always had one ear on red alert and the other ear in a casual perky position. It was as if she was sending a message, “I know where you are and what you are doing, have fun!” 


Adam demonstrates a modified perky. He knows what is going on, but really doesn’t want anyone to know he knows. 


Murphy has greyt, “They went thattaway” ears. His are probably the best.


Danny sports and almost modified “They went thattaway.”

Tundra three – Humor one • It’s melting

This is the face of a very happy camper! It is finally starting to thaw out around this frozen tundra. I have been in Oregon for nine days, 17 hours and 12 minutes. The clock on the back patio is finally registering above freezing.

The icicles are dripping and getting smaller.

And here is my proof, the thermometer says it is finally above 32°.

So here are the very last of the snow dog pictures. At least for another 40 years.

Crystal, Adam and Maddie checking out the scents on one of the beaten down pathes.

Crystal and Minnie.

Jori, Crystal and Minnie. Ice was falling off of the trees and definitely caught every one’s attention.

Moose listening to the noises in the trees.

Crystal, Jori, Cinderella and Minnie. None of us four girls wanted to venture off of the beaten path, even if it is starting to melt.

Moose and Mickey. Both lightweights. This is as far as they would go in the snow.

Still the bravest of them all.

Flocko wandering out and looking forward to warmth of his cushion inside.

Maddie, another one of those seniors not intimidated at all by the snow.

Minnie and Roxy all nestled in on their cushions.

Flocko, playing with a stuffie after braving the snow in the backyard.

Everyone is looking forward to the mudd that will follow the meltdown. Stay tuned for the muddy paw posts.