And only the bravest of the brave – part 3

Brace yourself and keep your distance.

Sneak up from behind, it’s always the safest place to be.

Be ready to attack back.

Slowly walk around, never take your eyes away.

Sticking your tongue out at it is always effective.

Closing your eyes and pretending it isn’t there is even better.

And if you are brave, look it straight in the eye.

Never let ’em see your fear.

But if you must, run to the momma for protection. Knocking her on her butt will certainly keep you safe.

but just remember, it is all about trick or treat. TRICK!

The end.

Oregon by Greyhound • Woods Pumpkin Patch

The Adventure Woods Pumpkin Patch
Location LAT 45° 00′ 44″ N LON 122° 56′ 13″ W
Date October 18, 2009
Weather 65°, Cloudy
Distance 5.2 miles

Looking left and right, Moose was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch.

He was great with the kids, I wish I could post a few pictures, but I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to ask the parents for permission. Trust me, Moose entertained a lot of little boys and girls.

Moose checked out many pumpkins.

He never found the Great Pumpkin, though.

Totally enchanted, Moose exited the pumpkin patch by way of the corn maze, getting lost in the tall stalks of corn.

Oregon by Greyhound • Roaring Fork River

The Adventure Larwood Covered Bridge
Location LAT 44° 39′ 49.1″ N LON 122° 44′ 26.8″ W
Date October 10, 2009
Weather 64°, Sunny
Distance 25.3 miles

I’m off on an adventure and I’m taking my pink snuggle bunny with me.

Yes siree, real manly greyhounds carry pink bunnies.

First stop, the Larwood bridge. This just happens to be a footbridge over the Roaring Fork River.

The mill house next to the bridge.

The Larwood bridge. We were hoping to see some fall color, but I think we were too early.

This is me and the other mother having a bonding moment.

And now we are walking down a path at the Roaring Fork County Park.

I think we will pass on having lunch here.

The Roaring Fork River, there is some fall color starting to show.

A few colorful berries.

And some fall flowers on the creek bank.

Oh boy, another toy

Oh boy, oh boy, how I love my toys.

And there are two of them. Jackpot!

I always prance best with a toy. Can you see me? Can you see me now?

Coming your direction.

Go on, give my toy a toss.

That’s it. Going long.

Woo hoo! Touch down.

Yep, I’m winding up, I’m ready, …

I’m doing the happy dance.

And I’m off again.

Happy dog, I’m a happy dog.

Ya know it is summer…

When the toys fly in the cool evenings.

Moose loves his squeaky treasures more than anything else.

Grungy and dirty, this remains his favorite toy. He whips side to side…

and prances around the yard like a Tennessee Walker.

This toy has 16 delightful squeakers and Moose likes to sqeak each and every one.

He will drop it momentarily to chase after a diversion toy.

But in the end, he really is happiest with his squeaky, squeaky, squeaky toy.

Oregon Traumatizes Greyhounds

Meanwhile back at the gardens…

All of the greyhounds sat around the kibble bowl comparing their adventures. Bridges, waterfalls and more.

Adam chimed in first. Oh my gosh, mine was the scariest of all! Did you see that long, steep staircase! I couldn’t believe I had to climb them!

I was so scared!

Oh no, if you guys could have seen all of the people, the snow and those really noisy falls I had to endure… you would know that I had the scariest adventure of all.

I couldn’t even look at the falls they were so noisy.

Oh please, who are you trying to kid? I had to jump over giant logs on my walk.

Look at what I was expected to do? Everyone knows I won’t jump!

Why, I thought were going shoe shopping and instead we ended up looking over the mill race. I was petrified!

The water was really loud and is raced under my feet. What on earth were the momma’s thinking?

But you guys never saw where I had to go. It was horrible. There were square holes under my feet and I could see forever below me.

I just wanted to stay in the car after that walk.

I could see the creek below my feet. And those square things, what was that all about? I read the article and it said dog friendly, maybe those dogs wore snowshoes!

Hey Moose! They say it’s your birthday

Mooseman, from day one you have know the joys of toys.
You were meant to have an acre all to yourself just so you can run and play.
You are the first greyhound we’ve had that will play fetch all day.
And you are such a gentleman when we go on roadtrips.
We’re so glad you’re a garden hound, we’re just one lucky family.
Happy seventh birthday big guy.