Chasing rabbits

Moose in Florida, 2007

I met Moose at the track in Florida on one of my trips down to bring Flocko back and work with Paul and Nancy. He was one of their favorites. He was such a cool dog, it was easy to see why they loved him so much.

A year later he and Mickey flew back with Karen. We called them the fly boys. He was one high-stepping, proud-prancing hound. He loved the acre and flew around as if he had wings on his feet.

This boy loved his stuffies and his squeaky balls and his sunshine.

Moose at Pacific City

He loved to go on road trips and the beach was always a bonus.

He gave freely of his blood to dogs that needed at the emergency vet. He calmly stood there as they captured the blood they needed.

At the Riverfront Park

I loved to take him out for the sunset, he was such a gorgeous model. He always looked so happy.


He started with limp last fall. We x-rayed him from stem to stern and could never find anything. He was such a trooper at hydrotherapy. I don’t know whether or not he really liked the water, but he loved his twice a week trip going for a car ride.

Last Monday it got much worse for him to get up and around. It has been so bloody cold here, I’m sure that had much to do with his difficulty getting around. I wanted to make sure that I had some beautiful photos of him so I set up my lighting in the bedroom. He was so beautiful. He worked the camera just like a super model.


On Saturday his eyes told us he was getting tired. My heart shattered into a million pieces as we thought about what was before us. I called our dear friend Nancy, even though I knew she would understand, I needed to hear from her too that our decision was OK, they loved Moose as much we did.


I can’t believe how empty the house feels without him. Moose was one grand hound.

We went to dinner with one of friends last night. As we told Terri about Moose, she looked up at us and said “Tell me about Moose, let’s celebrate his life.”

I will forever be grateful for those minutes we celebrated Moose. He would not have wanted anything less. He would have smiled for us and gone on chasing rabbits.

Tigger Breaker • May 2, 2002 to January 20, 2013




Did somebody say treat?


Our dogs know that treat time is all of the time. How on earth do they recognize the rattle of the bag and sleep through a ton of noise on the TV?



We’re loving the hydrotherapy for Moose. Although his left rear leg is still lame, he has gained a lot of strength in the other three legs and that has stabilized his movements. He’s learning when he needs to slow down and be a little more aware of how he is walking. They have given him this headband fashion statement to keep the water out of his ears.

He doesn’t seem to mind the water at all.

He moves with such grace through the water, he was probably an alligator in another life time.

Encouraging news


After two hydrotherapy treatments, I think we might actually be seeing some improvement. Before hydrotherapy, Moose seemed really unsure of where his feet were and he was dragging his left hind leg behind him. Today he actually walked through the house with purposeful movement.

It is such a relief. He is such a good dog and only 10.5 years old. He’s much too young to have anything go wrong with his body.

Next swim is Wednesday night, here’s hoping for even more success.

Back in the water again

Just a little splash
Just a little splash

We’re doing hydrotherapy again. This time it is Moose. He’s got some weakness in his rear left leg. X-rays have not shown anything, so we’re really hoping this helps.

This swimming stuff isn't so bad
This swimming stuff isn’t so bad

I was so proud of him, he did so well. He’s probably done the best of the four we’ve taken so far.

The tongue acts as a rudder

Moose light


My poor little speed lights just weren’t keeping up with the demand from all of the mini-sessions I’ve being doing lately. It was time for an upgrade and Moose was my model for the evening.

I’m in love. Of course, it helps to have such a beautiful model, but I’m thrilled with the results of the lighting.

Yes, Moose


The sky is falling and so did another tree.

Drove home at noon during the peak of the storm just to find another tall tree blown down. Actually, it was more like the top 20 feet. Sheesh, been in this house for 10 years and now we’ve had this happen twice in nine months.

Stop it already.

OK Moose, knock it off


What is this limp all about buddy? You know how limps can send me into hysterics. I don’t like them, not one little bit.

So, if you pulled a muscle playing, that’s fine, I can live with that. If you just want a little TLC, consider it a slam dunk, you’ve got it. But those are your options. Got it?