I hate going to the dentist


I don’t like the sound of the drills, I don’t like the anticipation of pain, I hate not knowing whether or not I’m drooling when my mouth is numb.

I load my iPhone with music and play it as load as I can, I make sure the nitrous oxide canister is full and I make sure they don’t even try to wake me up when they do the procedures.

Minnie is scheduled for a dental on Friday. It’s already making me feel uneasy.

If I hate going to the dentist, why wouldn’t she hate it too? Sorry Monkey.

I can see clearly now


Well, our little monkey has been on her eye drops nearly a week now. Karen with her trained nurses eye and me, with my paranoid, forever optimistic outlook are thinking that pannus might be clearing up a little bit.

Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

Just for record Miss Minnie, you cost me a couple of handfuls of gray hair. Wait, maybe I have just earned all of my grey hairs.



We made our way to Portland today to see the opthamologist. Minnie was diagnosed with pannus—or chronic superficial keratitis, is a progressive inflammatory disease of the cornea.

In a way I was relieved to get an answer and not have it be devastating or life-threatening.

She will be on eye drops for the rest of her life, but we caught it early.

Love ya little girlfriend, I’m so sorry we have to do twice daily eyedrops.

Oh Minnie, Minnie


Last night Minnie was doing her stomp dance in the kitchen for her treats when Karen noticed her eyes. Something is wrong. It’s almost like they have a fungus cloudy type something growing in them.

Of course, we were waiting at the vet clinic the minute the doors opened. We did blood and urine tests and we have an appointment with the ophthamologist tomorrow afternoon in Portland.

Our vet thought that because it was in both eyes it might be metabolical. To say I am beside myself with worry is an understatement.

Thinking only good thoughts, thinking only good thoughts.

You’re driving me to drink


Some greyhounds are very stoic. Their leg could be falling off and you would never know it. Minnie, not so much. Last Thursday she had a limp. I played the 24 hour rule card and buried my head in the sand. Friday morning, I ran her over to the vet clinic just to make sure. They didn’t do xrays, but didn’t think it was anything so they sent me home with Rimadyl.

She did great over the week-end until last night when she played chase with Pete. She stopped suddenly, held up her paw and cried out.

To say the least, our hearts sank and a few tears escaped down my cheek. I was pretty booked today, but the first chance I got, I ran her over to the clinic and handed her leash to the vet.

I told her that I didn’t want any diagnosis that couldn’t be fixed. They xrayed her from stem to stern and saw nothing. They are sending them out just to be sure.

I like the diagnosis and I’m hanging on to it for as long as I possibly can. She’s on limited activity, Rimadyl and I’m taking her in every day for cold lazer treatments.

Minnie, you are going to drive me to drink.

The traitor


I’ve started to move my things out of the house now. I’ve hung a few photos on walls of my doghouse. It’s really quite cozy. I’ll be happy out here all by myself, I’m just sure of it.

Today was the last straw. They are all beginning to accept the fact that I come home smelling of other dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs, hairy dogs, hairless dogs. They understand how much I love it.

But today, today was just bad. The greyhound group I volunteer for was having their annual greyhound picnic. When I came home smelling like all those other greyhounds, they knew we had gone to a greyhound party without them. They waited at least until we fed them dinner and then, they put my camera by the door, gave me a quarter for a phone call and said happy trails.

My heroes


This week both Mickey and Minnie got called in to donate blood. Mickey went over to the e-vet on Tuesday night. He was so scared, but he was still a very brave boy. He never really has enjoyed leaving the comforts of his big back yard.


Today Minnie went over to our vet clinic to donate. She’s now at an age where it was probably her last draw.

It’s kinda sad to have all of our donor dogs too old to donate. How did that happen. At one time, we had seven dogs that we could rotate through.

Now we are down to just Mickey.