Celebraaaaation now, come on!

Woo hoo! Let’s party.

It’s my birthday today.

And I want lots of toys to play with.

And I want them to play with me.

I want the momma to throw them for me.

But don’t make me wait to long.

‘Cause I wanna play, not watch the momma hold my toy.

That’s better.

It’s gonna be a great 4th birthday.

The Mickey Dance

Hey Mickey, can I have this dance?

The bossa-nova

The pirouette

The jitterbug

The two-step

The buck and wing

The shag

The salsa

The flamenco

The tango

Anatomy of a cowdog

Slender waistline, legs that go on forever, taute muscles, deep lustrous dark eyes. The greyhound. They come in a million colors, but if want one that will turn heads, meet

The cowdog. White and black.

Appearing to have a perfectly white and black split neck, the two black ears keep the look balanced.

Black drapes over and down the white face as if it were a mask.

The legs are sprayed with watered-down black paint.

Black patches—carefully placed short, broad strokes—adorn the snowy white coat.

A red velvet color accentuates the snowy white and jet black.

But if you want a real cowdog, make sure you have a speckled tookus.

Extreme heat tips

Does your tongue hang low?

Does it wobble to and froe?

Have temperatures reached unbelievable highs?

Then let the garden hounds suggest a few cool tips.

Roxy highly recommends the soak and

shake method. An all over body dip is sure to cool even the hottest hound.

For those with a little more decorum, Buddy recommends the suck and

shower. The tickley water droplets are not quite as refreshing as the soak, but they do cool things down a bit.

And if you are really adventurous, Buddy would like to recommend a speedy trip out to the coast.

On Saturday, June 25, we made a mad dash out to the coast to catch the sunset. At 6 p.m. when we left Salem it was 93°. Two hours later at Yaquina Head in Newport, it was 57°, very foggy, 13 mph winds and 94% humidity.

Buddy thought for sure his nuggets were going to freeze off.

What a difference 50 miles can make.

Make a best friend better

Just a little endorsement from the garden hounds.

Greyhounds are famous for their not so great teeth.

Could be genetics…

Could be those long skinny noses.

But a big ol’ knuckle bone, a Merrick Saddle Sergeant bone

is sure to brighten and whiten and make a happy dog.

When good boys go bad

Mickey was ours from the very first day of his life. As an adorable four day old puppy, Karen held him in the palm of her hands. 
He had almost perfectly symmetrical black patches on a snowy white body and as a young pup although slightly shy, he was very sweet.
He grew up and went off to the races. Clearly just a pretty boy, he never raced. Instead he opted for fame and fortune by posing for Cowdog magazine.

First, he was the cover dog.

Then, he became cow mate of the month, streaming his beautiful, pulsing body edge to edge across the centerfold.

Home at last, Mickey misses the big action of bright lights and city streets.

And the recessive greyhound “cushion destruction” gene has emerged.

RIP little cushion.

Mommy, mommy—this one’s for you


Yes mommy, the “END 2008” campaign is almost coming to an end. But just in case, here I am just for you.

Bohica (short for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) joined our family as the newest KNT hound. Her race name is KNT Bohican Smoke. She made us laugh, even when we didn’t think a laugh was possible. She is our gentle reminder to be prepared and keep everything in perspective.

Roxy, the sweet one in charge is welcoming the newbie.

Mickey thought the new girl was pretty cute, but he really wasn’t to sure about her.

Buddy thought the new chick was pretty darn cute, and oh so well behaved.

Danny has always had a soft spot for a pretty girl.