Six already?

Baby Mickey

I still remember that day. The day Nancy called and said “we have puppies!” I really loved visiting the farm, but when there were new puppies I could hardly wait for the week-end to come.

Knowing my secret love for cow dogs she teased me, she said they something they hadn’t had for a long time.

They had a cow dog.

We watched Mickey grow up, I put a sticky note on him him when he was only a few days old and I told him when he was done racing, he would be coming home to the gardens.

Racing just wasn’t his thing, He was clearly just a pretty boy and he grew into those giant puppy feet quite nicely.

Happy 6th birthday my sweet and handsome boy. I guess you can have rabbit for dinner.

And BTW Nancy, I really, really miss our puppy and coffee visits.

Celebrate good times


In 1980, Kool & the Gang released the song Celebration. And just what could cause such a celebration at the gardens you might ask?

Why of course, when cats fall out of the sky!

I found this beautiful stuffed kitty at the Goodwill months ago and I saved it for the perfect day. No rain, no sun… just a delightful cloud cover.

When I was really active in greyhound adoption, there were three kinds of greyhounds.

There is the, “oh kitty, kitty I want to be your furever friend.” Or better known as cat safe.

The greyhound that believes the kitty, kitty is an evening snack with a tail chaser for breakfast. Not cat safe.

Or the greyhound that sees every other animal as inferior and snackable. These are the guys that do best in a houseful of other greyhounds.

Sex, age and color were not issues.

When I brought this cat home from the Goodwill, I thought for sure I would title the post “Cat Testing.” These guys had so much fun with the stuffed kitty, it became a party.

And they all danced the night away.

Happy 4th of July

Mickey Fireworks

Be safe, have fun and please remember, this can be the scariest day of the year for your pets. Keep them inside during the peak fireworks shows.

Going to work

Yo Mickey, you just got the call. Remember the German Shepard that needed Minnie’s blood last week? They need more, time to go to work boy.
Mickey hates the vets, truth be told, Mickey hates anywhere but his big back yard. Going for a car ride is not one of the finer things in life according to Mickey.

When he heard the car keys jingle, his approach was run the other direction.

However, he proudly gave forth of his go-go juice for Sophie. A beautiful German Shepard. Minnie donated to her last week.

Spring Fever

It has been a stellar week-end around here weather wise.

A perfect week-end to tiptoe through the grass.

I think I feel of severe case of spring fever coming on.

Awful, just awful

I knew my time was getting close, I just didn’t know that today was the day.

Danny and Jori retired, something about being 9 years old.

6 am and mom says it’s time for me to go to work. Uh-oh.

We pulled up to the emergency vet and as soon as I saw those shiny white floors, I put my shake on. Then we got inside the doors and I put my brakes and skates on.

No luck, mom picked me up like I was a toy poodle or something.

So I tried not making eye contact. The vet just sat down beside me and waited. He waited so long that eventually I forgot to shake.

That’s when the needle, pretty sure it was the size of a straw came out.

Donating my red blood, the blood that matches my red collar.

I stood pretty still, but then I had my butt placed as tight as I could up against mom, there was no where for me to go.

Vet said I did really well for my first time.

FIRST TIME???? They are going to want more?

Another year. Already?

Seems like just yesterday we could hold you in the palm of one hand.

And look at you now.

Chasing and playing on the acre.

Wishing one of those darn squirrels were dropping out of the air instead of toy, I’m sure.

Happy 5th birthday Mickey!