It’s never a good thing when I come home at noon and load one of the dogs up for a field trip.

It means one of two things. We’re going to see the vet or we’re going to the vet clinic to give blood.

Mickey knew he felt good, there was nothing wrong so it only meant some other dog need some go-go juice. yes, Mickey was off to donate blood.

And then came Mickey


I remember the day like it was yesterday. Nancy called and said “We have puppies! And we have something we haven’t had for a long time.” Nancy knew all about my secret love affair with the white and black dogs. Working in greyhound adoption it is so important not to fall in love with the color of the coat, it’s all about the dog, but still, there are those colors that make you turn your head and do a double take.

For me, it was the cow dogs, the white and black beauties.

We beat it up to the kennel as fast as we could and held little baby Mickey in the palm of our hands just a few days old. As he grew older, he became shy. Mickey is my example when people think the worst about why a greyhound is shy. It isn’t bad treatment, dogs are in many ways just like humans. Some are outgoing, some are shy.

Mickey went off to train and then to the track. When he arrived at the track Nancy called and told me to name my little man, they were gifting this gorgeous little cow dog to us.

Keeping with the theme, Mickey’s race name was KNT Wings O’ Fire.

Those wings weren’t on fire, Mickey only had the couch on his mind. I had already been down to Florida twice and Karen had never been. It was her turn to go. I always came home on such a high because it was so much fun and Karen needed to experience it too.

To this day, Karen still talks about the wonderful and fun time she had working in the kennels, playing with dogs and hand slipping the pups during their schooling races.

Mickey was shy when he came home, but it didn’t take him long to adjust to the acre. He has no problem flipping my hand off of the keyboard, grabbing treats out of our hands and walking in between our legs to get his ears scratched.

Mickey is one of our universal blood donors. He’s not crazy about going to clinic, but he’s a trooper.

Our beautiful cow dog, Mickey.


Minto Belle, tale of a ball thief


We had planned to go out to the coast today. But you know, some days the best laid plans of mice and men go straight to the dogs. About a month ago Minnie got called into the e-vet to donate blood. Last night the e-vet called back saying that the same dog needed blood and even though it had only been a month, I felt that Minnie was healthy enough to handle another donation. Because this was the second donation even though she is a universal donor, they have to type and cross match the blood. It involved a different test. Her blood wasn’t going to work, so I took her home and grabbed Mickey.


Mickey and Minnie are the last of our universal donors, all of the other greyhounds have aged out of donating blood. Mickey’s wasn’t going to work either. It was really sad for us, we couldn’t help this time. Not a good way to start the flipping new year.

By the time I got home, it was noon and a trip to the coast didn’t feel warranted.

We thought we would try to find a new place to shoot the sunset and headed down to Minto Brown Park in Salem. Every path we headed towards was closed due to high water and flooding. Minto Brown is well known in Salem for it’s dog park and we decided to just walk over there.

I hit pay dirt! There were millions (ok, a slight exaggeration) of happy dogs just running around.

Enter Minto Belle, the grand dame of ball thieves.


A drop-dead gorgeous five-year old golden retriever, was thrilled to see a camera to capture her beauty.

When she first approached us, she had an orange ball completely slobbered up. Her mom Dee laughed when she admitted it wasn’t Belle’s ball.

Note that this time Belle’s ball is not orange. She managed to confiscate some other pups ball.

Clearly Belle had no shame for her ball thievery, although I don’t think the other dog’s owners were thrilled with the trade. I found the entire event completely amusing. Greyhounds do not steal balls. It’s gotta be a lab thing.

I was like a kid in a candy store at the dog park. The people we met were fabulous and all of the dogs rocked my world.

Yep, this is the way to start a new year. If you want to see what a few of Salem’s other wonderful dogs look like, you can see them at



OK, now I’m starting to panic. How on earth did with get this far into December? I still have at least four shots to complete the calendar and I think I’m going to have to pull in a few from the acre. Greyhound Gardens is sort of a destination, right?


What do you think? Should I try and push through and see if I can get a few more out and about?

Innocent or guilty


Now, Ii realize you are looking at this face and saying to yourself, surely you jest.

A sweet face like this could never destroy a cushion in 30 seconds or less. He could run around a race track in 45 seconds. Or he could wolf down 2.5 cups of kibble in 60 seconds, but destroy a cushion?

You be the judge.

Just for the record


Mickey was completely misrepresented yesterday. He is not a scary dog. The whole story was not told and he has contacted an attorney.

It was slander, I tell you, slander.

Real estate is a premium at Greyhound Gardens. There is one cushion in the whole house, well OK, the house is wall to wall dog cushions. But the lake front with a view cushion is the cushion right beside my computer and they all want that one.

It’s a tough spot to score, and when they get it, they don’t give it up, not even for a treat.

See that big brown spot on the right hand side looming over Mickey’s butt? You guessed it, it’s the damn Flo Zone. Yes, she thought she should have the lake front with a view cushion. Mickey however, was not giving in. Not to Flo, not to anyone.

Now the fact that I always walk around with the camera like it is an extension of my face makes me a bit of a paparazzi. Some things are not meant to be published.

Shame, shame on me.

Sorry Mickey. but it really did make for a great howl-oween photo op.