Friends forever

Two greyhounds
Mickey and Fergie.  

Late in the afternoon last Sunday it finally started to warm up enough that we really felt like being outside. It’s a weird state of mind when 40° feels warm.

The snow started to have a good melt down going and the dogs were feeling pretty darn frisky. It had been so cold for so long, and we didn’t dare leave them out for any longer than just a few minutes, that I am sure they were thrilled to be out playing on the acre. Shortly after I took this, these two took off in a dead heat for the finish line.

We know you are in there

Fergie, Mickey and Cinderella.  

After all of the cold weather and snow, when it finally hit 40° we thought for sure we were having a heat wave. Karen was in the barn re-loading the bird feeders and declined the help of these guys. 

They knew where she was and they were not happy she closed the doors.

Hey Mickey


Just a portrait of Mickey. I often look back through some of my old photos and find hidden gems.

Here’s Mickey, my cow dog.

I see the moon and the moon sees me

Friday the 13th full moon   

It’s true, I had dosed off. Karen woke me up to see the moon, I almost wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep.

Sure glad I didn’t.


Do you see what I see?


A treat, a treat high above my head and it’s made with real beefy meat, it’s my fa-a-a-vorite treat.

When Timber was so sick, Karen bought a dehydrator so that she could dehydrate itsy bitsy hamburger patties for his treats. That was over a year and a half ago and guess what, she’s still making his beef patties.

When we set out for the studio one doggy at a time yesterday, the doggies and I really benefitted from Timber’s beef patties.

Karen on the other hand not only had to offer treats to everyone, she had to go make more when we were done.

Bwah ha ha.

For a treat, I’ll do anything


Mickey was called in to donate blood this evening. I think this is the first time ever I have sat there with a greyhound donating blood and have them lay down on the table by themselves. In under 5 minutes his bright red go-go- juice was ready to help another dog in need.

So, so proud of you Mickey.



Sunsets are so unpredictable in Oregon. Mickey and I were there though, just in case.

My heroes


This week both Mickey and Minnie got called in to donate blood. Mickey went over to the e-vet on Tuesday night. He was so scared, but he was still a very brave boy. He never really has enjoyed leaving the comforts of his big back yard.


Today Minnie went over to our vet clinic to donate. She’s now at an age where it was probably her last draw.

It’s kinda sad to have all of our donor dogs too old to donate. How did that happen. At one time, we had seven dogs that we could rotate through.

Now we are down to just Mickey.