A year later


This darn cat. It’s been a year and she still hasn’t read her memo that part of her job is to pose for photos.

We had her into to see the doctor last fall and they guestimated her age to somewhere around 14-15.

I guess she can be a little set in her ways.

Feed me


Meredith aka MereBear is the Scottish Fold that we adopted earlier this year. It took us awhile to get her to come around, but once she did, she turned out to be an incredibly loving and affectionate kitty. Our vet agrees that she is definitely a senior cat. She hated us for taking her in and then following up a week later with a dental, of which she had a good majority of her teeth pulled.

The one thing she loves more than us is meal time. This cat loves to eat.

She’s still not crazy about the camera, but she’ll get over that, she has to. She’s too darn cute not to be a model.

One week later


Miss Meredith has successfully made it through her first week in gardens. She’s much more relaxed, purrs her little head off, still wants little to do with Juliass and refuses to model for the camera.

I guess you could say we had a couple of wins this week and a couple of losses.

She’s eating and drinking well. Karen had to re-introduce her to the litter box. She definitely has a favorite place to hang out.

A work in progress is a good thing, right?

48 hours later… Lights, camera


Action? I’m thinking Miss Meredith isn’t quite ready to be a super model yet. She definitely has opinions and she isn’t afraid to express them.

She’s a very sweet kitty. She takes notice whenever we walk into the room. She rubs against our hands for extra loving. She’s still taking every thing in and becoming Juliass’s BFF isn’t on her agenda yet, nor is having her photo taken.

Sometimes when I look at her, I think she does somewhat resemble a sea otter.

Meeting Miss Meredith

Miss Meredith

It was pretty evident after we said good-bye to Willie Tuesday night that Juliass was going to need a new friend. Karen and I agreed that it should probably be a cat roughly the same age, 10 years old and the search was on. Oddly enough, there aren’t that many senior cats available for adoption. I’m hoping that is because they are all safe and sound with their families. At least that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

One click lead to another on the Internet and I ended up on PetFinder, some place I have never been before. I selected senior cats and up popped a list of about 20 or so with 100 miles of our home.

Karen has always been a cat person from the time she was a scrawny kid, she didn’t get her first dog until she was an adult. Me, on the other hand, always had a dog and a cat or two. When Karen moved to Oregon she met her first Scottish Fold. She has always had wonderful memories of her Scottish Fold kitties. I had never heard of them or seen one (hmmm, sounds a bit like the borzoi doesn’t it?).

As I scanned down the list of cat ages, a 12 year old caught my eye. When I realized that it was a Scottish Fold, I immediately called the adoption group. Before I told Karen, I had to make sure that they would let us have a cat with dogs and to assure them that the cats and the dogs never, ever co-habitated. Part of the house barks and the other part purrs. It’s just safer that way.

I got off of the phone and called Karen, I told her I had found her cat. Karen was giddy while we waited for the adoption application to be approved. She was so excited she even called the adoption group to introduce herself.

Miss Meredith is 12 years old. She’s deaf and has arthritis in her hind-end. She was found on a farm outside of Sherwood, OR and nobody stepped forward to claim her. The adoption group that posted her on PetFinder knew that it would be a long shot, but they really hoped to find Miss Meredith a home.

Tah Dah!


Juliass was over the moon thrilled when we brought her into his room. He was like “Oh ya, a lady friend! Get me some catnip woman!”

And, Meredith was like, “hiss, spat, get it yourself.”

OK, so it will take her a day or two or three to get used to her new life. She can take as long as she would like, after all, she’s retiring at Greyhound Gardens now.

Please join us in welcoming Miss Meredith and her cattitude.