Oh Maverick!

Long-haired Weimaraner
Long-haired Weimaraner
The faces of Maverick   

Weimaraner always crack me up. They are the masters of facial expressions.

Maverick is no exception. In true weimie fashion, this boy was born to chase tennis balls and he’s happy to wait for one skinny minute and then, you’d better throw that ball.

A visit from the grand dogs

Autzen and Maverick   

Holly brought the grand dogs down for a romp on the acre. Nothing tires a puppy out more than chasing a ball time after time after time. At the end of an hour or so, Autzen and Maverick had chased so many tennis balls that they were almost begging to go home to their big ol’ human bed and catch a quick happy nappy.

They had no problem lying down in the hay in front of the barn for a few minutes to pose for their monthly barn portrait. And yes, I know the wreathes are still hanging, but they are still so pretty.


Now Goldee on the other hand, loves to come to grammies because we have squirrels and birds and chickens next door. It’s a hunting dogs dream come true. For every run after the ball, she ran twice as far chasing after the real deal.

Those grand dogs, they crack me up.

Red balloons

Weimaraner puppy and red balloons
Weimaraner puppy and red balloons

It was just a year ago that Joe and Holly were preparing for the arrival of their new puppy boy. I can’t believe a year has passed already. So much has happened since then. I hope I can retrieve it all and not leave out too many details.