Finicky greyhounds part deux

Yo mama, whatcha doin’? That tripe is so yesterday’s news. I’m starving to death.
Yes Maddie dahling, I know you’re hungry. I slaved over the stove all day to put together Jeff’s recipe. It smells like Thanksgiving dinner in here, I hope you like this. 
Oh and Maddie, it would be really nice if you ate this for more than three days.
Now that’s a bowl of kibble mama! ‘Bout time you got it right. Let’s see… chicken (fresh), carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans. Wait a minute mom, Jeff said nothing about brown rice. I read the recipe too, ya know.
Five paws up. 
Dear Jeff, please go back to the kitchen. I will want my mama to make me something new next week.
Love, Maddie.

Oh woe are we

As the senior members of Greyhound Gardens, we’ve discovered that the moms are trying to starve us to death.
Breakfast and dinner are a nightmare, and we shouldn’t be expected to eat such rubbish. Same kibble with a dribble of canned topping. Bah humbug.
Seriously, do we look like kibble and dribble girls? We deserve better, we deserve more, we deserve different. 
And if we aren’t going to get it, we’ll show them. We just won’t eat.
Fast forward to Sunday, the Pet Expo and our new hero Jeff. 
We understand he took mom by the hand and swiftly guided her from dog food booth to dog food booth until he found the magical food.
Yes, for all of you finicky eaters out there, insist on nothing less than smelly, slimy, gooey green tripe. It was delish.
Five paws up for you Jeff.

Oregon by Greyhound • State Capitol

The Adventure Oregon State Capitol
Location LAT 44° 56′ 19.43″  N  LON 123° 1′ 48.35″ W 
Date April 5, 2009
Weather 71°, Sunny
Distance 3.8  miles

A beautiful sunny day in April and a quest for political power, Buddy and Maddie took us to the capitol.
The cherry trees were in full bloom.
Buddy and Maddie strolled across the capitol mall taking in the sights.

First sunny day in the gardens

Finally, the sun has shown its bright yellow face in the gardens. And just what happens on a bright sunny day you ask?

Roxy likes to go for a dip in the cool, fresh pools.
Pasha preferred to lay in the shade.
Murphy went right after the newly mowed grass for a tasty snack.
Maddie is the eternal sunbather.
Crystal the missile practiced her flying lessons.
Adam was just plain silly.
Karen stayed busy with yard work.
But nobody stayed as busy as the bees in the plum tree.

The year of the ear

Streamlined ear


Is it because they smell something in the wind? Is it because they are thinking very hard about what couch to lie on next? Or maybe, their ears are just most comfy in that streamlined position. 

I do know that even if they hold their ears back, they are almost always happy.

Flo does extremely good streamlined ears. I do know that she is not a fan of having her picture taken, and at this very moment, she may have been slightly disgusted with me for following her around with the camera. 

Maddie was tracking something in the wind. She’s another one though, that is just as happy to have her ears streamlined to her head.

Tundra three – Humor one • It’s melting

This is the face of a very happy camper! It is finally starting to thaw out around this frozen tundra. I have been in Oregon for nine days, 17 hours and 12 minutes. The clock on the back patio is finally registering above freezing.

The icicles are dripping and getting smaller.

And here is my proof, the thermometer says it is finally above 32°.

So here are the very last of the snow dog pictures. At least for another 40 years.

Crystal, Adam and Maddie checking out the scents on one of the beaten down pathes.

Crystal and Minnie.

Jori, Crystal and Minnie. Ice was falling off of the trees and definitely caught every one’s attention.

Moose listening to the noises in the trees.

Crystal, Jori, Cinderella and Minnie. None of us four girls wanted to venture off of the beaten path, even if it is starting to melt.

Moose and Mickey. Both lightweights. This is as far as they would go in the snow.

Still the bravest of them all.

Flocko wandering out and looking forward to warmth of his cushion inside.

Maddie, another one of those seniors not intimidated at all by the snow.

Minnie and Roxy all nestled in on their cushions.

Flocko, playing with a stuffie after braving the snow in the backyard.

Everyone is looking forward to the mudd that will follow the meltdown. Stay tuned for the muddy paw posts.

The Grinch Stole Oregon

One week ago, I was basking in 80° weather. I was sipping my umbrella drink through a straw, enjoying the warm Florida sand. I thought I had one-up on my kennel buddies, I, Cinderella, was on my way to paradise, to Greyhound Gardens.

Nobody prepared me for my first five days in parad-ice.

Remember the clock from Tuesday? Somewhere below 20°? Well, take a look at today’s weather. We’re having a heatwave, it is officially somewhere below 30°. I’ll report on the heatwave due tomorrow.

It’s insane here. We are still expected to make our daily five trips out to parad-ice. Unbelievable.

So I took a poll amongst the other greyhounds here. Four out of five hounds are pretty sure they can hold it until April. Of course, that is assuming that monsoon season doesn’t float us off to the Pacific.

Here is an example of the one outta five that isn’t afraid to trot off to the ice fields. This is Roxy. She isn’t running ’cause it’s fun. She just wants to get business taken care of and back into a nice warm cushion.

It’s gotta be a senior thing. Roxy is 12.

This is Maddie, she’ll be 13 next month.

And this is Pasha. He’ll be 13 in April. The cold doesn’t seem to phase these guys.

As for me. I can hold it until April. This Rover Reporter for the Greyhound Gazette will post the remaining of my reports from the comforts of my cushion.

And another snow day

I think I have time warped back to my childhood, back to the snow, the cold and the ice.

I’m freezing my butt off, but the guys with the furry coats don’t seem to have any problems with it at all.

Flocko “Take that you little stuffie!”

Flocko “Come on lil’ stuffie, we’re heading down the home stretch.”

Danny “It really is quite nippy out here and it doesn’t look any warmer over there.”

Crystal “Let’s go! This is fun!”

Crystal “Is this my best side for a snow shot?”

Maddie and Crystal A hound convoy.

Buddy “Hey, is anybody up there? Is it warmer?”

Adam “Bet you can’t see me, I put on my snow camouflage today.”