Almost a pin-up girl

Leaky Lucee the basset didn’t make the calender this year, but she is certainly worthy. Her velvety ears make her a star. Of course, her ears also join her during her meals and her water breaks morphing the velvet to some UCO (unidentified crusty object).

Tundra one – Humor zero

What I haven’t told many of you, but on Friday I had my girly surgery. So to say the very least, my first days at Greyhound Gardens, well, they suck. So this morning bright and early I am excited to go with the boys.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. That snowy, wintery pasture of parad-ice. Solid ice. Greyhounds, are dogs on stilts. We don’t do well on ice.

For the first time, I was actually envious of that low-to-the-ground, Basset Hound, Lucee.

As I move around parad-ice, I thought you might like to see a little of what we are looking at.

A half-inch of ice has actually accumulated on everything. So imagine what four inches of snow is like with an ice coating. As I take one step, I fall through and if I don’t fall through, I slide.

The maple tree.

The spinner.

The garden greyhound.

And for your promised weather report. Still below freezing. A very light freezing rain falling.

Here is my best advice to everyone:

Find a buddy and snuggle.

December 21

Lucee the Basset Hound was here before all of the greyhounds. Slow and steady she has accepted all of the greyhounds that have invaded her world.

I always tease that Emma and Lucee are the anti-greys. But really, they were here first. We have come into their world. Emma the Weimaraner has more energy than all of the greyhounds put together. She and Lucee are polar opposites.