Know what?

Wanna know what today is?

Come on, just take a guess.

It’s finally Friday. Thank dog. Even with Monday being a holiday, this has got to be one of the longest weeks ever.

Woo hoo! Let the road trips begin.

Yes, it’s true

Vacation is officially over.
It’s back to the daily grind, slogging through the day.
Vacation is almost rusty memories.
Wonderful memories of days gone by

‘Tis sad, but oh so true.

A bedtime story

Mommas, please tell us a bedtime story. Tell us about your trip.

Well little doggies, we drove 1,581 miles in 10 days. We were in three states, Nevada, Arizona and California.
We traveled Route 66 from Williams, Arizona to Barstow, California.
We walked barefooted in the sand dunes of Death Valley National Park.
And we wore our down vests, mittens and boots at the Grand Canyon National Park.
We visited a ghost town in Arizona—Gold Mine—a little town filled with old trucks and cars and an abandoned mine shaft.
And Rhyolite, Nevada, a prosperous town at the turn of the century.

And only the bravest of the brave – part 3

Brace yourself and keep your distance.

Sneak up from behind, it’s always the safest place to be.

Be ready to attack back.

Slowly walk around, never take your eyes away.

Sticking your tongue out at it is always effective.

Closing your eyes and pretending it isn’t there is even better.

And if you are brave, look it straight in the eye.

Never let ’em see your fear.

But if you must, run to the momma for protection. Knocking her on her butt will certainly keep you safe.

but just remember, it is all about trick or treat. TRICK!

The end.

Be afraid, be very afraid • part 1

It’s that time of year, when you have to move about cautiously.

Watch over your shoulder…

and stay low to the ground.

Move forward ever so slowly…

Ready to run away on a moments notice.

Trust no one.

And be fully aware of what lies ahead…

To be continued.

I’m waiting.

Ms. Jori, are you waiting for something?

The toy, you wanted the toy?

Look, you’re making a smiley face.

You go girl, get that toy!

It’s coming, are you ready for it?

Silly girl, I guess you caught it.

Do you want me to throw it again?

Shake it off Jors, it’s coming.

Here it comes, go get it Jori.

Nice catch!

Jori, you are sucha nutcase. What are you doing?

You tell it Jori. You’re the boss, we all know it.