Another update from the gardens


We said good bye to our lovely little senior lady today. Sheesh, this just isn’t getting any easier. Jori was 14.5 years old which is pretty darn good for a greyhound. Age had taken most of it’s toll on her legs, they just couldn’t hold her up like they once did.

It was beautiful though. Our vet came to the house and underneath the plum tree, resting so peacefully, she let out one big sigh of relief and raced toward the rainbow bridge to see all of her friends.

Jori is the one dog that knew everyone, she was one of our first greyhounds, a foster failure.

Here’s the link from my other blog, both of our daughters came down. Jori was part of their growing up too. Celebrating Jori


Crystal is doing a little better each day. She’s eating with gusto although she has turned her nose up on the Darwin’s raw and has decided she wants kibble. That’s fine, except that on kibble she was incontinent and she had protein in her urine. Arghh, hoping this is just a blip.

She is walking pretty well on three legs, but definitely tires quickly. We watch her pretty closely. Karen will be home with her tomorrow and I will stay home with her the rest of the week.


And Flo, the cardiac kid. She had another EKG last week amongst the rest of the chaos. Her heart rate is still too fast, so we shall add another pill to her already out-of-control cocktail. She is not the easiest dog to get pills into. She is wise to all of the tried and true tricks of the trade which leaves us no choice but to risk the ends of our fingers when we shove them down her gullet. It is also not a bonding moment for us.

She remains happy and full of zest for life however.

I think that brings us up-to-speed with the gardens.

Onward and upward, one day at a time.

You still have it


Jori is the oldest greyhound in the gardens. She’s 14.5 years old.

She’s feeling her age. It’s getting harder and harder for her to get around. Every meal is a bit of a struggle. Every day it’s a big question mark about what she will eat. The heat wave we just finished was horrible. Last weekend Karen and I looked at each other and wondered if it was time.

She is such a good girl, always has been.

So tonight when I was trying to come up with some fodder for the blog, I took the camera out and thought I would get some photos of Minnie. Jori was certain she needed to come out at that very moment. She slowly wandered out to the grass like she does and all of a sudden she saw me sitting out there.

I’m pretty sure Karen and I both held our breath in horror as she ran right out to me, she even has all four’s off the ground. She’s going to sleep good tonight.

Girlfriend, you still have it.

Keep good thoughts for my girls


So my flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6:20 am and I will return in the wee hours on Saturday. I pretty worried about my girls.

Emma didn’t finish her dinner tonight, that is until Holly hand fed her. It’s been hot these last few days, so I’m hoping that it is just the heat. Never the less, please send Holly and Emma some really good vibes, the mama bear is a long way from home for a few days.


Karen will be in charge of the home fires here. Jori, cruising in at 14.5 years old is slowing way down and having a harder time as each day passes at getting around. Once again, I’m blaming the heat, but she is now refusing about half of her meals. That is never a good sign. Send Karen and Jori a little extra strength and some positive thoughts.

This probably has to be one of the hardest trips I’ve taken. I just have to remember to be positive.

Why oh why


I have always, always, always loved senior dogs. I’m sure we will forever have a place in our hearts for them.

But please tell why once turn 14 they all of a sudden become old.

Jori turned 14 last month and just this week we have watched her become a little old lady. Her appetite is dropping off and she has always been a fussy eater. She’s sleeping more, we have to beg and plead to get her to go outside.

Oh Jori dear, please just let this be a short-term phase.

Sing it baby!


From the rooftops and treetops and the top of your lungs, everybody join in as we sing happy birthday to Jori. She’s 14 years old.

Holy smokes, she went from 18 months to 14 years in 60 seconds.

More treats please


Little old ladies can drive you crazy. Blender will be 15 in June and Jori will be 14 the end of February.

Before every meal, we sing “hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us…” They have reached the impossible, finicky, I don’t know if I will like that when it comes to eating.

Now, if we bring out the treats like Stella and Chewies or Timber’s dehydrated special treats or even some bison jerky they are all over it like it’s French fries and a strawberry milkshake.

I truly love our little old ladies, but boy oh boy can they drive you crazy.

Testing, testing 1 2 3


The dogs crack me up. I was setting up the studio the other night to take some adoption photos and they all think the studio is some magical, mystical place. OK, so I did have ten gold retrievers in there on Saturday, I guess the smell thing must have been out of this world.

I figure if they are going to be out there, they are going to have to be my guinea pigs for the lighting.

Clearly Jori didn’t mind it a bit.