And at the end of the day

I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas. I learned a ton, caught up with an old friend, met some new friends.

Karen did fabulously with the doggies. Even though this guy probably missed me most of all.

I knew I was coming home to a stack of other duties as assigned and a house that needs some quality time.

And at the end of the day, after all of the excitement, when I got home

I saw all of my family

I know what winning is all about.

Sheesh, Boys will be Boys

What is it with boys? I had two daughters and zero sons, so I don’t know first hand if human boys behave like dog boys… but I have heard stories and I suspect that they do.

Yes Pasha, Minnie is a very cute little girl.

Joey, Talley is going to turn around and clean your clock. I won’t see a thing when she does.

Out of the archives, two of my favorite fosters, Otis and Barney.

The Joey years

Joey, do you remember when we brought you home?
Yup, you scared me. I wanted nuttin’ to do with you, and nuttin’ is what you got!
Joey, do you remember the next year?
Yup, you still scared me. The acre was there for me to run  far, far away from you. And I did.
How about the third year Joey?
You were still scary. But I did come up and goose you in the butt once, remember?
Yes I do. I was so excited I never washed that pair of jeans again.
How about the fourth year Joey?
Still scary. But I started letting you get closer to take my picture. Did you expect more?
But what about in 2008 Joey?
We hit the motherlode.  I’d had it with the rest of the hounds getting all of the attention. Do you see these ears? They were meant for scritches.
Happy 8th Birthday big guy. We celebrate everyday now that you come up to us for some lovin’.

Yo Joe

Whatcha up to you handsome hunk o’ hound dog?
Joey, is there something in the grass I should know about?
Ummmm, Joey, that is the grass you are digging in. You guys already have a holes started in 15 other places. Do you really need to dig in the grass?
Hey Joey, are you going to replace your divots?
Joey, what are you doing? Honey, when you dug the grass up, you left mud in its place.
Joe, you are a complete nut case. But never fear, we love ya anyway.
Joey, what are you doing?
Oh Joey, I hope it was good for you!

March’s Calendar Boy

Joey was calendar boy for March. Sleek and gorgeous, Joey came to us as a “spook” dog. He was scared of his own shadow. If he were a child, he would probably have been labeled as an autistic child, instead, he was just a really shy greyhound.
At the time Joey came up to have the ice cream cone, he had been with us for four years. Not once in that four years did he come this close. He stood close by, but he wouldn’t come near us. 
This summer he started showing an active interest in the food we were eating and on a whim I ran to Dairy Queen and bought him a cone. It was a huge success.
Earlier last fall, Joey stood close enough to have his ears scratched. It was probably one of our most joyful moments. 4 1/2 years we waited for that ear scritch and now every day he noses his way through the hounds just to have his ears scratched. 
Way To Go Joe!

Mom! Wait!

They want you over here. No, not there, over here. Just a minute, can you come this way? Nope, not there, there, you know, there.

Can’t you be everywhere at once?

12 days and counting.


The year of the ear

Perky ears

By default, perky ears look like happy ears. We almost always get perky ears out in the back yard when something catches their attention. Squirrels and birds are an automatic perky ear grabber.


Minnie’s ears are beautiful. They are a soft blue with a white outline and highlight.



Roxy always looks so attentive when she sports her perky ears.



Joey has always had the face of a puppy. Perky ears are his specialty.



Flocko is just one hunk o’ hound dog. He uses his perky ears to get whatever he wants.


Blender, forever elegant with her snow white face always sports her perky ears.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

First, the good.

Feb. 20 the Fly Boys joined us from Florida.
Nov. 2 Pasha joined the gardens when his family moved to California
Nov. 9 Joey comes up to us on his own for ear scritches
Nov. 26 Crystalbella is back after four years in another home
Dec. 15 Cinderella arrived home from Florida

And then, the bad.

March 28 Cleo is diagnosed with lymphoma and goes to the bridge
April 9 Adam diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia, and as of January 9, 2009 he will be nine months post diagnosis
July 31 Oneco goes to the bridge
Aug. 1 Clancy diagnosed with sarcoma, surgery removed the tumor with clean margins

Unfortunately, the Ugly

Vet bill for 2008 $13,717.40
Dog food 7,280 lbs.

December 8

Joey came into our lives just after Bentley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We knew that our time was limited with Bentley and we wanted a special needs dog, not to replace Bentley, but to honor his memory the best way we knew how.

Joey was known as a “spook.” Completely frightened by everything. He had tried another family, and it didn’t work out. Joey is a very happy boy, and although it hasn’t happened overnight, he has blossomed as a garden hound.