Once upon a time…


Greyhounds roamed the earth soaking up the warm patches of sun.

Joey and Slinky

They gathered with friends near and far to celebrate the moment.

And then, they moved to Salem, Oregon where the skies are gray—not grey—and the wind doth blow and cats and dogs are falling from the skies with no break in sight.

So sorry Joey. Do you think you can hold out for just 310 more days? I’m fairly certain we will have a break in the weather then.


Murphy - December 25, 2003

Days seem to be flying by at break neck speed. Sometimes I don’t even feel like I can keep up. I remember when my girls were growing up, I tried to remember every change.

When I look back at older photos of the hounds, I’m always amazed at the changes they have made.

Murphy - August 1, 2011

Murphy has aged quite gracefully. What is it about men? Why do they look distinguished as they turn white?

Joey - March 3, 2004

Joey has always been a striking and handsome black hound dog. He had very little white and his coat really shined in the sun.

Joey - August 21, 2010

Compared to Murphy, he has barely changed. OK, he’s a little whiter.

Minnie - May 29, 2005

Minnie is about nine months old here, she still has her puppy coat.

Minnie - October 23, 2010

I never really thought about white dogs turning whiter. Minnie is proving me wrong.

Skirvee - January 17, 2004

Skirvee joined the pack at five months old. He had this beautiful black mask.

Skirvee - September 23, 2011

It looks more like a 5 o’clock shadow now.

Flocko - November 11, 2011

Flocko was 11 months old. This was the day I bought him to be our very first racer. He had a lot of black and man-o-man was he gorgeous. He knew it too.

Flocko - May 14, 2011

I often think we ought to invest in Grecian Formula 44 for Flocko. I think I miss his black mask the most.

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I need a vacation


This is what I looked like tonight after work. We’ll compare this to what I look like in 10 days.

Yes, count ’em, 10 days… no e-mail, no phone, well I did bring some work home, but no boss.

What, where, when and why


The greyhounds know when the camera comes out. They are just like people. Some of them flock to the camera and make sure I get the best angle. Others, not so interested usually only give me a profile or worse, their butt.

BZ Training asked a couple of questions and I thought I would do my best to answer them.

I hope that lens makes them look closer than they are. I like to shoot out in the backyard with 70-200mm lens. It’s great when they run to the other side of the acre, not so great when they insist on being under my feet.

What are they running away from or towards? Who knows? When we are trying to do just dog pics, I will sit out at the back fence and Karen will let them out one at time. As soon as they spot me, which is usually before she opens the door, they come running full tilt at me. At this point, I’m usually wailing on the shutter hoping to get something. They have never run over me, but some of those last minute turns are really close and of course the long lens makes it look like they are practically in my lap. They are greyhounds, most of the 10 and under set love to do a 30 second romp around the backyard before returning to the couch.

When they run, they are usually in singles. Yes, they are. That’s because I’m a weenie. It makes me nervous when I watch more than one run at a time. What if they cut to close to one of the trees or the fence or each other. They love to run as a pack, that’s how they race.

I am no fun at all.

Greyhounds Can Sit Actually, a DSLR will help make your pictures sharper because the shutter usually reacts faster than a point and shoot. You have wonderful pictures up on your blog and I love your two pups. (Just for the record, you have no idea how many pictures I cull just to post one or two, it is insane–but so much fun.)


Joey the freight train

Comin’ at me like a steam locomotive, I could only hope for a quick and limber greyhound move.

This is Joey, our once upon a time spook dog. Way back when, he would have never run towards me like this. Maybe if he were on the other side of the acre he’d tease me.


This reminded me of riding my first 10-speed bike. Those front brakes can be pretty darn touchy.

Apparently he didn’t stop soon enough and had to make a sharp turn to go back.

When I am out taking photos, I never know what I get until I upload and I wish I had seen what he was doing. These are completely out of context and they just crack me up.


Stands for Happy Birthday Joey. Yessiree, party central continues here in the gardens.

Our shy boy Joey is hitting the double-digits on Monday. Guess it’s time for the Double-digit Gang to have a meeting, elect new officers and have an official Double-digit Gang photo taken.

Holy smokes this group is getting big.

Fresh grass

A few weeks ago I mentioned the tremendous need to get the lawn mowed. When we start losing greyhounds because the grass is too tall, it’s time.

This week-end we finally dried up enough to mow (and for those more curious minds, we mow the acre with a John Deere riding mower. The little rotary push is all show and inspiration for exercise).

The greyhounds love freshly mowed grass. Joey was almost giddy as he walked around sniffing.

He’s inhaled enough of the scent that it is taking him down, notice the tilt.

This is a common sight on mowing days. It’s a good thing he’s a black dog, the grass stains aren’t as unsightly.

Joey, you are such a goof ball.

The doghouse is that way

Our field trip today lasted a little bit longer than we expected, dinner wasn’t on time.

We were quickly forgiven, but they wanted to make sure that we knew we screwed up. Oops.