I missed it

Slinky and Jillian   

All last week I pined for Skirvee. The triplets 12th birthday was Saturday and mourned for him knowing that he did not make it to 12.

And then Saturday came and we were a bit occupied. I forgot the twins happy birthday.

Jillian and Slinky   

I’m so sorry girls. We love you.

Happy 12th birthday to the twins.

Feed me


Remember the day when Karen had to make Timber the sweet potato and hamburger meat loaf?

It’s back. Apparently that is the only thing Jillian cares to eat these days. And she eats it with such joy.

Finicky dogs, they can be so demanding.

Finicky dogs


Just one week, just one. That’s all I am asking. Just one week that every dog ate their meals like we fixed their thing, like if they didn’t eat it, it might be their last.

Every day, we sing hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us.

All I can say is, Jillian, you had better eat your breakfast.

Another game of Name that Twin

Twin 1   

I can’t believe that our week-end is over. It was better than awesome.

I want to put up some new photos in my office, so one by one we took each dog out to the studio for a little portrait session. They all did so well.

When the New Year rolled in, I told Karen I want to make it a point to get the dogs out every month for photos. Losing seven last year was devastating and it just goes to prove they won’t be with us forever.

Twin 2   

Yup, they all rocked the camera today.

Double the fun

Jillian and Slinky   

We’ve entered the melting phase of our once every five years snow storm. I miss the big, fluffy snowflakes. I’m sure that if we saw them all of the time, I wouldn’t be quite so enchanted.

Jillian and Slinky were so much fun out in the snow. They did everything together. I wish their brother Skirvee were still here to enjoy it with them.

Slinky and Jillian  

Room for one more?

Slinky, Flo and Jillian

All I can say is, stay tuned.

PS, we were out at the shelter this weekend taking photographs of the adoptable dogs. I asked if they had maybe picked up the little red dog I saw earlier. They had. He has a dislocated hip, probably hit by a car. I hope he reconnects with his family, but I feel so much better knowing that he is off of the streets.

As for the bunny, he is still happily munching on apples and grass in the front yard.

They’re plotting

Flo, Jillian and Karen    

I heard through the canine-vine today that there is an evil plot racing through the gardens. They are going to try and foil the vacation.

All I can say is, doggies… we need this vacation. You are going to have so much fun at Camp Lisa, you won’t want us to come back home.

Who has been in the secret room

Slinky and Jillian   

When ever we come home from doing a photo session with other dogs, we always get the sniff down. I really don’t know how they feel about other dog and cat smells. Sometimes, I think they enjoy the guessing game about who we have been with. At least, they all spend so much time doing the vigorous sniff down, that I have to believe they find it somewhat entertaining.

When they entered the secret room, it was nose to the ground.


They checked every nook and cranny of the room leaving not one stray dog hair unsniffed.

Slinky, Skirvee, Jillian and Flo  

Sometimes it took more than one nose to figure out who had been in the secret room


The secret room

Flo, Jillian   

It’s true, I have a secret room. For the most part, the dogs have the run of the house… except my secret room.

They all know it exists. They all know I entertain other dogs there. They know when I entertain other dogs. They just haven’t quite figured out the secret password to allow them to enter.

I had a session this morning with two absolutely adorable doggies and thinking ahead, I left all of my lighting in place. Later this afternoon, I left the door to the secret room open.

Imagine their glee as they ever so cautiously entered. There were so many smells that were foreign to them and they couldn’t check the nooks and crannies fast enough.

When they realized that I had not stored any contraband, they started to relax.

One by one, they pulled the toys out of the toy box.

Since there is room for only one cushion, I was shocked when Flo and Jillian decided they could share.