The east coast grand dogs

Two Italian greyhounds
Italian greyhound

After Megan’s divorce, Lil J became Megan’s knight in shining armor. He got her through the darkest of days, the longest of nights. Last December a friend of mine in Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue had a ridgie coming back and they also had an Iggy. Megan offered to foster the little guy.


Italian greyhound

Cooper was 11 years old and the two boys got along perfectly. The foster part didn’t last long, Coop had found his home.

In April Megan was in NYC for a trade show. She came home and said “Mom, I’m moving to New York.” Grand idea I thought. Her job is in Portland and so is her family.

A week or two went by and Megan announced she was flying back to New York for a couple of job interviews. Awesome I thought. She has a job in Portland.

Another week or two passed and she called and said, “Mom, I leave for New York on June 21.” And then, she was outta here.

Two Italian greyhounds
Jericho and Cooper   

That is the story of my east coast grand dogs. One day they are on the west coast and the next day they are on the east coast.

My grand doggers

Odin, Jericho, Goldee and Autzen   

We decided this year to do the family photos at our place. We hauled the settee out to the back yard and let the doggies play for awhile. It had been raining like cats and dogs. Part the acre was swamp land, but that didn’t slow the grand doggers down. They played and chased and had a grand time.

We have a great grand doggy

Munchie and Jericho   

You have all met Jericho, our new granddoggy that joined us last summer.

Just a week or two after Megan lost Sadie, a friend contacted me about the little sable Italian greyhound that was available. The beautiful little puppy was only 8 weeks old. Megan just wasn’t ready, her heart was still broken in a million pieces over Sadie. Kim already had one Italian greyhound, so she took little Munchie to join her family. Several weeks later when Megan decided she was ready for another Iggy, Kim reached out and found out that Jericho was being retired by the breeder.

Jericho joined our family and has brought so much joy to Megan and her family. It was truly a match made in heaven. When we met Jericho, we found out that Munchie was actually Jericho’s son.

Today I got to photograph both my grand doggy and my great grand doggy.

I have a new grand dog

Caleb and Jericho   

About three weeks ago my daughter Meghan expressed an interest in getting another dog. She was so heart broken after Lady Sadie went to the rainbow bridge. I was thrilled that she was ready. When she said she wanted another Italian greyhound, we turned over ever rock, looked behind every leaf and sent up smoke signals every day in search of one.

Meet Jericho, a six year old Italian greyhound, he’s ready to build a whole new section in Megan’s heart.