Swimming lessons continued


Adam seems to be doing really well with his swimming lessons. He has been weak in the hind-end for the last couple of days, but he had no problems swimming the length of the pool by himself tonight.

Greyhounds are funny. Other dogs come out of the pool walking, every greyhound we have ever taken sorta collapses. We carry them over to their cushion, lay them down, provide a pillow and cover them up. They lay there, couch potato like and don’t move until it is their turn again.

In the mean time, Karen takes advantage of the comatose state and cleans ears and trims nails. It is so nice to have a nurse on duty. It’s a win-win situation for me.

Roxy’s swimming friends


Today was Roxy’s swimming lessons and she thought she would introduce you to her friends this month.


This is Dakota, she’s 15 just like Roxy. Yesterday was her first day, she was adorable and just rolled with the waves.

She wore a little life jacket as she paddled around the pool. She’s so little that she only had to swim back and forth a couple times to have as much exercise as Roxy.


This handsome hound is Charlie. Yesterday was his first day at the pool. He’s recovering from surgery.

He really doesn’t like the water. He kept looking out at his humans, hoping beyond hope that they would end this madness.


Ryder had a stroke about a month ago. He’s rehabbing ¬†at the pool. His spirit is amazing, he is such a happy little guy.


Jesse is 13 years old. I love, love, love her face. It is so soft and gentle, just like her.

Her beauty demands that she not get her face wet.


And last but not least, the elusive Emily. Every week I watch her from across the room. She’s the wise one and oh so beautiful. She was a little camera shy, I laid down in pool water to get an image that would really capture her wisdom and beauty.

But when a treat is waved in front of her nose, her attention came right to me. Or at least my direction since the treat was over by me.

Swimming lessons Day 2

We went back for another day of swimming lessons. Roxy was ready to go. Guess it is time to learn the backstroke.

Look ma, no hands

She took right off on her own today, just like a duck to water.

The golden doodle.

This is Mazy, she is having post surgery strengthening.

Playing ball is the best part

This is Cooper, he is also post-surgery strengthening. He can hardly wait to get into the pool and play with his ball.


Hanging 10

And Lily here just proves that pool fun is not just for big dogs. She swam on her own perfectly. The little surf board helps with balance.


Strolling in the sun

This is proof, Roxy is doing fabulous. This was just after we got home. I find it hard to believe that she could be stronger already, but she went out for five strolls around the acre after dinner.

Swimming lessons

Welcome to our new site. I’m not done unpacking yet, I still have plenty to add, but I thought it was time to welcome everyone. Coffee pot is always on, come on in and meet the hounds of Greyhound Gardens.

Roxy's first hydrotherapy

Roxy is our oldest greyhound, she’ll be 15 in September. She is doing remarkably well even with heart murmur that was detected when we adopted her at 9 years old. She’s started showing signs of weakness in her hind end, and we are really hoping that hydrotherapy will give her the strength boost she needs.

Laurie is the hydrotherapy trainer at Everything Pawsible in Salem. To say the very least, I think Laurie is the best. I have watched her with dogs for over 10 years and she just has a way with dogs.

Roxy relaxed totally in the water.

Of course, after her first time in the pool she zonked.

Laurie continued with other dogs while Roxy rested.

This guy has clearly been taking hydrotherapy for awhile, he was demonstrating to Laurie how to do it.

And seriously, what good is swimming if you can’t play in the pool?

I think this is called the dog paddle.

It’s been three hours since she had the hydrotherapy. She is doing fabulous. Her legs aren’t weak, she was ready for her dinner and has strolled around the yard.

We go back tomorrow and then once a week for as long as she needs it.

I’m totally impressed.

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