My favorite greyhound Christmas story


I took this photo of Frazier in November, 2004. There is a good reason why the photo was taken so long ago. Way back when, Karen and I used to foster greyhounds, a whole bunch of them. It was perfect because as people in the Salem area called to adopt hounds, they could meet them right here in town.

An elementary school teacher had always wanted a dog that she could take to class with her. We introduced a few dogs to her and she decided that Frazier would be a perfect dog. He was a big boy and a very good dog. I loved Frazier. They met him in October, but wanted to wait until their holiday break before they brought him home. They lived in the third story of an apartment building, but had a beautiful walking area that they could take him everyday.

That gave Karen and I a chance to make sure he was house broken and could navigate the stairs comfortably.

Winter break arrived and they were ready for Frazier. We packed his goodie bag and were on our way.

I should have known trouble was on the way. Frazier could go up and down our basement stairs like a champ. They are solid. The stairs up to the apartment were open and wood and he totally forgot everything we taught him.

It took us a while, one paw at a time, to get him up three flights.

Mission accomplished.

We got Frazier up the stairs and I seriously worried about the new parents. There is a huge difference between always wanting a dog and never having had a dog.

Now, our dogs have this beautiful acre covered in cedar trees aka forever Christmas trees. Fosters always got the same thing our dogs got, and that meant the run of the acre.

Frazier walked right into the house, they paused from decorating their beautiful tree. They greeted Frazier and he promptly took one look at the tree, breathed a sigh of relief thinking he would never have to navigate the horrid stairs again and promptly went over and peed on the tree.

We were mortified, could not believe what we were seeing and the only thing I could do was follow through with the housebreaking training I had been working on which meant I had to take Frazier outside and back down the stairs, walk around until I could praise him and back up the stairs.

He did much better the second time.

Otis and Frazier

The family really wasn’t prepared for the responsibilities of a dog. By the following March, they decided that they couldn’t keep him, but that another teacher in the building had fallen in love with him.

We met her family and knew that this was going to be Frazier’s match made in heaven. It truly was.

We heard a few weeks ago that Frazier had gone to the rainbow bridge, the family was heartbroken, but oh how they loved Frazier.


A bright new star in the skies tonight


I got a text earlier today from one of our dearest friends. My heart ached for Nancy as she wrote that she was saying good-bye to one of the loves of her life today.

My memory was flooded with all of the good times we had together, of the joy Jill had ruling the roost.

Nancy and the puppies

Back in 2004 and 2005 Karen and I would drive up to the farm for our Nancy and our puppy fix almost every week. We’d drink coffee and talk for hours.

Jill would frequently join us, adding to the conversation like only she could.

Jill was always part of the show. We had a special connection to her because she was the mom to Skirvee. He was like her in so many ways, the black mask was certainly a physical characteristic, but the scream of death… just because they might stub their toe was ear shattering.

A few years later, two more of Jill’s babies joined us. Jillian reminds me so much of Jill. A party girl, ruler of the roost. We so love your babies Jill.

Jill is roaming around in different green pastures now. I’m sure she has hooked up with her momma Cinnamon and her half-brother Buddy. She will forever be in our hearts and we will forever be grateful to her for the loves of our lives.

Happy trails girlfriend.

Village Jill – June 16, 1998 to December 3, 2013


Greyhound puppies

On Saturday Karen and I went up to the adoption kennel to take photos of the greyhounds. These guys were beyond gorgeous and oh how I love them. I wish I could bring everyone of them home.

Oh wait a minute, we have our own kennel.

And then, I found out there were puppies. I miss the days of the greyhound farm we used to go up to every week. There just aren’t enough puppy kisses any more.


Aili and Toiyo

Last Saturday the greyhound adoption group I volunteer with had their annual picnic. As always it was a blast. The background of the park is absolutely beautiful.

One of the very first things I heard when I adopted my first greyhound was “you can’t have just one”. And yes, it’s true.

When I got home with my photos, I had to chuckle at the twofers. Black dogs have always been my favorite and these two black beauties were a lot of fun.

Appollo and Vinz

These two are new friends. I photographed Vinz when he first came into the adoption kennel. I’m so glad he went home to a buddy.

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We need you

I have volunteered in some capacity with greyhound adoption for over ten years now. I love these dogs with all of my heart. Currently I volunteer with Oregon Greyhound Adoption. It is a very small, all-volunteer, non-profit group with big hearts.

As with all non-profit groups, money is tight and we depend on grants to keep the group going. Our adoption fees barely cover the vet expenses.

Currently we are competing for a grant from Chase Bank. We need votes from our friends and supporters.

So please, take a skinny minute and give us a vote. We appreciate your support and the hounds will send you great big, sloppy wet kisses.

Here’s the link: Chase Community Giving

One leg down


Last week-end I went up to the adoption kennels for Oregon Greyhound Adoption and photographed the new hounds in the kennel. We have four boys that have been waiting for awhile to find their forever homes and we took them out so that they could have some quality time in the fields. The fact that I was there with my camera was just a bonus round for me.


As I looked over the photos when I got home, a huge smile came over my face when I saw how happy these guys were to run the length of the run. Everyone of them had a smile.


I had to laugh. In each series, I manage to catch each of the boys as they balanced on one leg heading my direction.


Even the senior member of the pack was up on one foot. These were some happy doggies as the grass tickled their tootsies.

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Oh Henry


I was up eat the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel yesterday taking photos of the new hounds.

Henry isn’t a new hound, he’s been in the kennel since early this year. His family got divorced and well, you know the rest of the story. Henry got the short in of the stick.

He is one of the sweetest greyhounds I know. The inn is full, otherwise, we’d give him a couch to call his own. And besides, he really needs to be an only dog.

You’d never even know he is ten years old by the way he kicks up his heels.

Puppy power

Minnie and Skirvee

Of all the things I miss the most, I miss visiting Nancy and the puppies at the farm. Nearly every week-end without fail, Karen and I would visit the farm, get down and dirty with the puppies and have a cup of coffee with Nancy. Those were the best of times.

We held newborn pups and played tug o’ war with puppies just old enough to start figuring out what the game was. We loved 6 month old puppies, 8 month old puppies and 12 month old puppies.

We celebrated the new and we grieved the ones that had gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Flocko and Terri

Baby Mickey