The fun is about to begin


Goldee made her first visit to grandma’s house today. Since we have a fenced acre, it is like the funnest place in the whole wide world for dogs.

Emma was about 8 or 9 when she went to live with Holly and Joe. She still had plenty of puppy in her, but not as much as Goldee.

I tried to explain to Holly and Joe that in true weimie fashion, once the delightful, perfect honeymoon stage is over she will start bouncing off of the walls. And once she starts bouncing off of the walls, her feet will never, ever touch the ground again.

Take a look at those fluffy feets. The fun is just about to begin.

Bwah ha ha.

Holly’s reveal


Still wondering what Holly was up to?

Wanna know what took 14 hours and put 700 miles on my new van?

Wanna see what put a giant smile on Holly’s face?

Holly, Goldee and Joe   

The Do Not Enter is how my butt felt about the car last night after I got home.

Driving over to eastern Oregon to meet Goldee was one fabulous road trip. I left Salem at 6:15 and picked up Joe and Holly in Tualatin at 7 am and the were off into the wild blue yonder.

Check out those skies, I’m not kidding.

We arrived in Baker City at 2:45 and Holly burst into tears of joy.

Waiting to go home   

There in the back of a car sat Goldee, waiting ever so patiently for her new girl and boy to take her home.

Another photo? Really   

All the way home, nearly 350 miles the shutter snapped.

What are you doing?   

Goldee couldn’t believe, nor could she count the number of times that she had to look back at me through the lens of the camera.

Just one more   

And what I saw on the other side of the lens is a dog that will hardly ever hear the word “no.”

Seriously, wouldn’t you give those eyes everything she wants?

The seats were quite comfy   

According to Goldee, the seats were wonderful. I will never know because I sat on the floor of the minivan on the dog cushions so that she could be content on the seats.

Let the lovefest begin   

This girl will never know anything but love and joy and frolic and fun.

Welcome home Goldee.