A visit from the grand dogs

Autzen and Maverick   

Holly brought the grand dogs down for a romp on the acre. Nothing tires a puppy out more than chasing a ball time after time after time. At the end of an hour or so, Autzen and Maverick had chased so many tennis balls that they were almost begging to go home to their big ol’ human bed and catch a quick happy nappy.

They had no problem lying down in the hay in front of the barn for a few minutes to pose for their monthly barn portrait. And yes, I know the wreathes are still hanging, but they are still so pretty.


Now Goldee on the other hand, loves to come to grammies because we have squirrels and birds and chickens next door. It’s a hunting dogs dream come true. For every run after the ball, she ran twice as far chasing after the real deal.

Those grand dogs, they crack me up.

Kicking off summer


Our little grand dogger Goldee is helping me kick off the summer dog events. We’ll be doing pet portraits at the Willamutt Strut in downtown Salem at the Riverfront Park Sunday, June 14. Our booth will be up and ready to go at 8 am.



Apparently the grand dogger Goldee has thrown the gauntlet down. She’s challenged Zip and Timber to a fluff-off.

Go ahead sister, bring it. We accept your challenge.

Please mommy


It was after dark before Holly and Joe got the grand doggers down for their Valentine’s photos.

Coming to grandma’s house is the best. We have a fenced acre and they can run their little hearts out. We also have a kiddie pool filled with water and that is Autzen’s go to spot. Right now because we have had so much rain, we have standing water that we affectionately refer to as Lake Lee.

They would have had so much fun, but their Valentine’s photos would have sorely been lacking due to the muddy, muddy dogs.

The girls know when they come to our house. Excitement built as they drove into the driveway. Disappointment filled their hearts when they realized that going outside to play wasn’t an option.

Goldee is looking longingly at the door to the outside.

Happy Birthday Holly

Holly and Goldee   

Holy smokes, how do 28 years go by quickly? It seems like just yesterday that I was watching stretch marks shoot across my belly like a cracked windshield. She’s 28 and gorgeous, I still look like a highway roadmap.

She confides all of her secrets to Goldee now, but when I need her, she is Johnny on the spot. She’s helping me with my photography business and everyday she totally rocks my world.

Happy birthday, kiddo. The stretch marks are so worth it.

My grand doggers

Odin, Jericho, Goldee and Autzen   

We decided this year to do the family photos at our place. We hauled the settee out to the back yard and let the doggies play for awhile. It had been raining like cats and dogs. Part the acre was swamp land, but that didn’t slow the grand doggers down. They played and chased and had a grand time.

The grand dogger


Our grand dogger Lil’ Miss Goldee was over for a visit. She’s a little shy until it comes to having her photo taken, then she becomes a bit of a camera hound. That makes this grandma very happy.